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  1. Temperature Dependence of the Electroclinic Effect in the Twist-Bend Nematic Phase
  2. Enantioselective Synthesis of 3-Aryl-3-hydroxypropanoic Esters as Subunits for Chiral Liquid Crystals
  3. Nematic-like elastic coefficients of the SmAb phase
  4. Fréedericksz-Like Transition in a Biaxial Smectic- A Phase
  5. Fluorinated twist-bend nematogens: the role of intermolecular interaction
  6. Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Novel Bent-shaped Naphthyl Diketones
  7. Induced smectic phase in binary mixtures of twist-bend nematogens
  8. Geometric aspects influencing N-NTB transition - implication of intramolecular torsion
  9. Electric-field effects in the twist-bend nematic phase
  10. Fine-tuning the effect of π–π interactions on the stability of the NTBphase
  11. Sensitivity of the NTBphase formation to the molecular structure of imino-linked dimers
  12. Towards understanding the NTB phase: a combined experimental, computational and spectroscopic study
  13. Retraction: Milestone in the NTBphase investigation and beyond: direct insight into molecular self-assembly
  14. Retracted Article: Milestone in the NTBphase investigation and beyond: direct insight into molecular self-assembly
  15. Effects of Geometry and Electronic Structure on the Molecular Self-Assembly of Naphthyl-Based Dimers
  16. Controlled self-assembly of chiral gelator molecules into aligned fibers induced by nematic to smectic B phase transitions
  17. Polycatenar bows with single carbon atom elbow
  18. NMR and HPLC study of chiral selectors with naphthyl unit
  19. Intercalated liquid-crystalline phases formed by symmetric dimers with an α,ω-diiminoalkylene spacer
  20. Dimeric Salicylaldimine-Based Mesogens with Flexible Spacers:  Parity-Dependent Mesomorphism
  21. Bent‐core mesogens based on semi‐flexible dicyclohexylmethane spacers
  22. The enantiomeric recognition of dihydropyrimidonic compounds by chiral selectors derived from 4- or 2-chloro-3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid
  23. Efficient Synthesis of Chiral Amides of 2-(2′-Carboxyphenyl)-4-hydroxy­quinoline
  24. (−)-Isocamphoric Acid Building Block for Chiral Liquid Crystals
  25. Chiroptical and conformational properties of (R)-1-phenylethylamine derivatives of persubstituted benzene
  26. First example of the solvent effect on absolute conformation of chiral 3,3-disubstituted 1,4-benzodiazepin-2-ones
  27. Conformational study of α-arylethylamides of (−)-camphanic acid
  28. Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of naphth-2-yl 2-pyridylmethyl ketones and their copper (II) complexes
  29. Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of novel phenacylpyridines and their copper (II) complexes
  30. Synthesis and structures of pyridinologous linear tri- and tetrapyrrole metal complexes
  31. On the chemistry of pyrrole pigments, XCI: Copper complexes of pyridinologous linear tri- and tetra-pyrroles as cyclopropanation catalysts
  32. On the chemistry of pyrrole pigments, XC: Pyridinologous linear tri- and tetrapyrroles