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  1. An integrative management approach for sustainability.
  2. Compassion is not compartmentalizable. Meatless food tastes better to compassionate people.
  3. No man is an island: The sustainability awareness effect of geography on hedonic fashion consumption and connection with nature – evidence from Galápagos and Hawaiʻi
  4. Ecuadorian entrepreneurs mobilize slow fashion with narratives of alternative masculinity
  5. A psychological scale to measure gendered consumption behaviors.
  6. The Situational and Personal Factors that Influence Food Choices.
  7. Reconciling hyperconsumerist contradictions through street fashion in Honolulu
  8. Consumers' Role Performance and Brand Identification: Evidence from a Survey and a Longitudinal Field Experiment
  9. Research trajectories of Service-Dominant Logic: Emergent themes of a unifying paradigm in business and management
  10. Easy Loving: Understanding Affect in Social Media