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  1. Model Fit is a Fallible Indicator of Model Quality in Psychopathology Research
  2. Hall of Mirrors: P-Factor of Psychopathology
  3. Specific antisocial and borderline personality disorder criteria and general substance use: A twin study.
  4. Three recommendations based on a comparison of the reliability and validity of the predominant models used in research on the empirical structure of psychopathology.
  5. Validation of DSM–5 clinician-rated measures of personality pathology.
  6. Latent variable modeling of item-based factor scales: Comment on Triarchic or septarchic?—Uncovering the Triarchic Psychopathy Measure’s (TriPM) Structure, by Roy et al.
  7. Big five personality traits and common mental disorders within a hierarchical taxonomy of psychopathology: A longitudinal study of Mexican-origin youth.
  8. Assessing dark triad dimensions from the perspective of moral disengagement and DSM–5 alternative model of personality disorder traits.
  9. Are fit indices used to test psychopathology structure biased? A simulation study.