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  1. Three recommendations based on a comparison of the reliability and validity of the predominant models used in research on the empirical structure of psychopathology.
  2. What Is the General Factor of Psychopathology? Consistency of the p Factor Across Samples
  3. Examining the Criterion Validity and Diagnostic Specificity of Self-Report Measures of Narcissism and Mania
  4. Aspects of extraversion and their associations with psychopathology.
  5. Hierarchical taxonomy of psychopathology across development: Associations with personality
  6. Anxious, but not depressive, symptoms are associated with poorer prospective memory performance in healthy college students: Preliminary evidence using the tripartite model of anxiety and depression
  7. Mode of administration effects in psychopathology assessment: Analyses of gender, age, and education differences in self-rated versus interview-based depression.
  8. Personality Provides a General Structural Framework for Psychopathology: Commentary on “Translational Applications of Personality Science for the Conceptualization and Treatment of Psychopathology”
  9. Everyday creativity in daily life: An experience-sampling study of “little c” creativity.