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  1. Primary oscillatory instability in a rotating disk–cylinder system with aspect (height/radius) ratio varying from 0.1 to 1
  2. Visualization of three-dimensional incompressible flows by quasi-two-dimensional divergence-free projections
  3. Non-modal disturbances growth in a viscous mixing layer flow
  4. Reply to a letter of A. Povitsky regarding benchmark problem of 3D flow in a cubic cavity driven by a diagonally moving lid
  5. Oscillatory Instability of Natural Convection of Air in a Laterally Heated Cubic Box
  6. Experimental Modelling of Czochralski Melt Flow with a Slow Crystal Dummy Rotation
  7. On Direct and Semi-Direct Inverse of Stokes, Helmholtz and Laplacian Operators in View of Time-Stepper-Based Newton and Arnoldi Solvers in Incompressible CFD
  8. On the role of vortex stretching in energy optimal growth of three-dimensional perturbations on plane parallel shear flows
  9. Destabilization of free convection by weak rotation
  10. Experimental observation of the steady-oscillatory transition in a cubic lid-driven cavity
  11. Book Review: Marcello Lappa: Thermal Convection: Patterns, Evolution and Stability
  12. From multi- to single-grid CFD on massively parallel computers: Numerical experiments on lid-driven flow in a cube using pressure–velocity coupled formulation
  13. Quasi-two-dimensional convection in a three-dimensional laterally heated box in a strong magnetic field normal to main circulation
  14. On experimental and numerical prediction of instabilities in Czochralski melt flow configuration
  15. An algebraic multigrid solver for transonic flow problems
  16. Oscillatory instability of a three-dimensional lid-driven flow in a cube
  17. Bulging and bending of Kelvin-Helmholtz billows controlled by symmetry and phase of initial perturbation
  18. Third International Symposium on Instability and Bifurcations in Fluid Dynamics
  19. On pressure–velocity coupled time-integration of incompressible Navier–Stokes equations using direct inversion of Stokes operator or accelerated multigrid technique
  20. Experimental and numerical results on three-dimensional instabilities in a rotating disk–tall cylinder flow
  21. Numerical modelling of instability and supercritical oscillatory states in a Czochralski model system of oxide melts
  22. Experimental and computational study of flow instabilities in a model of Czochralski growth
  23. Three-dimensional stability calculations for hydrodynamic model of Czochralski growth
  24. Second International Symposium on Instability and Bifurcations in Fluid Dynamics
  25. Three-dimensional instability of axisymmetric flows: solution of benchmark problems by a low-order finite volume method
  26. Spatial versus temporal instabilities in a parametrically forced stratified mixing layer
  27. The counterpropagating Rossby wave perspective on Kelvin Helmholtz instability as a limiting case of a Rayleigh shear layer with zero width
  28. Implementation of arbitrary inner product in the global Galerkin method for incompressible Navier–Stokes equations
  29. Stability of convective flows in cavities: solution of benchmark problems by a low-order finite volume method
  30. On three-dimensional instability of a traveling magnetic field driven flow in a cylindrical container
  31. Numerical study of three-dimensional instabilities in a hydrodynamic model of Czochralski growth
  32. Numerical modeling of two-fluid Taylor–Couette flow with deformable capillary liquid–liquid interface
  33. Multiple solutions and stability of confined convective and swirling flows – a continuing challenge
  34. Three-Dimensional Instabilities of Natural Convection Flow in a Vertical Cylinder With Partially Heated Sidewall
  35. Stability and slightly supercritical oscillatory regimes of natural convection in a 8:1 cavity: solution of the benchmark problem by a global Galerkin method
  36. Multiple states, stability and bifurcations of natural convection in a rectangular cavity with partially heated vertical walls
  37. Tangent double Hopf bifurcation in a differentially rotating cylinder flow
  38. Convection-induced enhancement of mass transfer through an interface separating two immiscible liquids in a two-layer horizontal annulus
  39. Dean vortices-induced enhancement of mass transfer through an interface separating two immiscible liquids
  40. Three-Dimensionality of Trajectories of Experimental Tracers in a Steady Axisymmetric Swirling Flow: Effect of Density Mismatch
  42. Enhancement of mass transfer in a two-layer Taylor–Couette apparatus with axial flow
  43. Three-dimensional instability of a two-layer Dean flow
  44. Effect of axial magnetic field on three-dimensional instability of natural convection in a vertical Bridgman growth configuration
  45. The effect of an external magnetic field on oscillatory instability of convective flows in a rectangular cavity
  46. Three-dimensional instability of axisymmetric flow in a rotating lid–cylinder enclosure
  47. Axisymmetry breaking instabilities of natural convection in a vertical bridgman growth configuration
  48. Different Modes of Rayleigh–Bénard Instability in Two- and Three-Dimensional Rectangular Enclosures
  49. Experimental and numerical study of anomalous thermocapillary convection in liquid gallium
  50. Stability of multiple steady states of convection in laterally heated cavities
  51. Non-Symmetric Convective Flows in Laterally Heated Rectangular Cavities
  53. On Oscillatory Instability of Convective Flows at Low Prandtl Number
  54. Steady states and oscillatory instability of swirling flow in a cylinder with rotating top and bottom
  55. Stability of confined swirling flow with and without vortex breakdown
  57. Influence of the Electromagnetic, G-Jitter or Thermocapillary Forces on the Stability of the Stationary Buoyancy Convection