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  1. Novel real time turbulent flow measurement tools for the wind tunnels
  2. Flow Sensor Based on the Snap-Through Detection of a Curved Micromechanical Beam
  3. Real-time processing methods to characterize streamwise vortices
  4. Moth-inspired navigation algorithm in a turbulent odor plume from a pulsating source
  5. Corrigendum to “Net primary productivity, biofuel production and CO2 emissions reduction potential of Ulva sp. (Chlorophyta) biomass in a coastal area of the Eastern Mediterranean” [Energy Convers. Manage. 148 (2017) 1497–1507]
  6. Exergy efficiency of light conversion into biomass in the macroalgaUlvasp. (Chlorophyta) cultivated under the pulsed light in a photobioreactor
  7. Design and Analysis of Offshore Macroalgae Biorefineries
  8. Experimental study of the initial growth of a localized turbulent patch in a stably stratified fluid
  9. Small scale dynamics of a shearless turbulent/non-turbulent interface in dilute polymer solutions
  10. Hydrodynamic regime determines the feeding success of larval fish through the modulation of strike kinematics
  11. Experimental study of forces on freely moving spherical particles during resuspension into turbulent flow
  12. Pulsatility Index as a Diagnostic Parameter of Reciprocating Wall Shear Stress Parameters in Physiological Pulsating Waveforms
  13. Flow sensing by buckling monitoring of electrothermally actuated double-clamped micro beams
  14. A stratified wake of a hydrofoil accelerating from rest
  15. Particle–fluid interaction forces as the source of acceleration PDF invariance in particle size
  16. Background oriented schlieren in a density stratified fluid
  17. Modeling of smart mixing regimes to improve marine biorefinery productivity and energy efficiency
  18. A comparative study and a mechanistic picture of resuspension of large particles from rough and smooth surfaces in vortex-like fluid flows
  19. Statistical conservation law in two- and three-dimensional turbulent flows
  20. Micro-machined super-miniature hot-film multi-array probe for field experiments with sub-Kolmogorov resolution
  21. Experimental Investigation of the Influence of the Aortic Stiffness on Hemodynamics in the Ascending Aorta
  22. Particle Image Velocimetry for Biological Mechanics
  23. An in vitro investigation of the influence of stenosis severity on the flow in the ascending aorta
  24. Cooling of Electronic Components by Steady/Unsteady Air Flow
  25. Experiments on the vortex wake of a swimming knifefish
  26. The hydrodynamics of contact of a marine larva, Bugula neritina, with a cylinder
  27. Flexible blade for in-line measurement of low-range viscosity
  28. PTV and PIV study of the motion of viscous drops in yield stress material
  29. Estimate of turbulent dissipation in a decaying grid turbulent flow
  30. Comparison between two and three-dimensional POD in a turbulent boundary layer using multi-plane stereoscopic PIV
  31. Resuspension of particles in an oscillating grid turbulent flow using PIV and 3D-PTV
  32. Super-miniature multi-hot-film probe for sub-Kolmogorov resolution in high-Re turbulence
  33. Experimental observation of the steady-oscillatory transition in a cubic lid-driven cavity
  34. Long-Duration Time-Resolved PIV to Study Unsteady Aerodynamics
  35. Spatial characterization of vortical structures and internal waves in a stratified turbulent wake using proper orthogonal decomposition
  36. Viscous tilting and production of vorticity in homogeneous turbulence
  37. Diffusion of scalar concentration from localized sources in turbulent flows
  38. Real-time image processing for particle tracking velocimetry
  39. On turbulent entrainment and dissipation in dilute polymer solutions
  40. Ink drop motion in wide-format printers
  41. Entrainment Reduction and Additional Dissipation in Dilute Polymer Solutions
  42. Two Scale Experiments via Particle Tracking Velocimetry: A Feasibility Study
  43. The local entrainment velocity is a viscous quantity
  44. A Lagrangian investigation of the small-scale features of turbulent entrainment through particle tracking and direct numerical simulation
  45. Small-scale aspects of flows in proximity of the turbulent/nonturbulent interface
  46. An experimental investigation on Lagrangian correlations of small-scale turbulence at low Reynolds number
  47. On turbulent kinetic energy production and dissipation in dilute polymer solutions
  48. Generalized detection of a turbulent front generated by an oscillating grid
  49. POD of vorticity fields: A method for spatial characterization of coherent structures
  50. Stretching and tilting of material lines in turbulence: The effect of strain and vorticity
  51. On the evolution of material lines and vorticity in homogeneous turbulence
  52. Turbulence in dilute polymer solutions
  53. Spatial characterization of the numerically simulated vorticity fields of a flow in a flume
  54. On turbulent energy production in wall bounded flows
  55. Detecting coherent patterns in a flume by using PIV and IR imaging techniques
  56. XPIV?Multi-plane stereoscopic particle image velocimetry
  57. Characterization of Turbulent Flow in a Flume with Surfactant
  58. Preliminary investigations of ultrasound induced acoustic streaming using particle image velocimetry
  59. Measurement of avocado softening at various temperatures using ultrasound