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  1. Data-driven reduced-order modeling of spatiotemporal chaos with neural ordinary differential equations
  2. Coil–stretch-like transition of elastic sheets in extensional flows
  3. Discovering multiscale and self-similar structure with data-driven wavelets
  4. Low- and High-Drag Intermittencies in Turbulent Channel Flows
  5. Deep learning to discover and predict dynamics on an inertial manifold
  6. Self-sustained elastoinertial Tollmien–Schlichting waves
  7. Flow-induced segregation and dynamics of red blood cells in sickle cell disease
  8. Multiplicity of stable orbits for deformable prolate capsules in shear flow
  9. An experimental investigation into spatiotemporal intermittencies in turbulent channel flow close to transition
  10. Dynamics of deformable straight and curved prolate capsules in simple shear flow
  11. Critical-Layer Structures and Mechanisms in Elastoinertial Turbulence
  12. Impacts of multiflagellarity on stability and speed of bacterial locomotion
  13. Microhydrodynamics, Brownian Motion, and Complex Fluids
  14. Exact coherent states with hairpin-like vortex structure in channel flow
  15. Polymer turbulence with Reynolds and Riemann
  16. Pressure-driven flow of lignocellulosic biomass: A compressible Bingham fluid
  17. Bursting and critical layer frequencies in minimal turbulent dynamics and connections to exact coherent states
  18. Mechanistic constitutive model for wormlike micelle solutions with flow-induced structure formation
  19. Spatiotemporal dynamics of viscoelastic turbulence in transitional channel flow
  20. Low-drag events in transitional wall-bounded turbulence
  21. Buckling Instabilities and Complex Trajectories in a Simple Model of Uniflagellar Bacteria
  22. Temporal and spatial intermittencies within channel flow turbulence near transition
  23. Dynamics of Miura-patterned foldable sheets in shear flow
  24. Mechanistic theory of margination and flow-induced segregation in confined multicomponent suspensions: Simple shear and Poiseuille flows
  25. Low-dimensional representations of exact coherent states of the Navier-Stokes equations from the resolvent model of wall turbulence
  26. Cellular softening mediates leukocyte demargination and trafficking, thereby increasing clinical blood counts
  27. Shape-mediated margination and demargination in flowing multicomponent suspensions of deformable capsules
  28. Dynamics of a single red blood cell in simple shear flow
  29. Turbulence spreads like wildfire
  30. Margination Regimes and Drainage Transition in Confined Multicomponent Suspensions
  31. Drag reduction and the dynamics of turbulence in simple and complex fluids
  32. Shear-induced diffusion in dilute curved fiber suspensions in simple shear flow
  33. Time-series and extended Karhunen-Loève analysis of turbulent drag reduction in polymer solutions
  34. Flow-induced segregation in confined multicomponent suspensions: effects of particle size and rigidity
  35. Flipping, scooping, and spinning: Drift of rigid curved nonchiral fibers in simple shear flow
  36. Mechanism of Margination in Confined Flows of Blood and Other Multicomponent Suspensions
  37. Accelerated boundary integral method for multiphase flow in non-periodic geometries
  38. Depletion layer formation in suspensions of elastic capsules in Newtonian and viscoelastic fluids
  39. Intermittent dynamics of turbulence hibernation in Newtonian and viscoelastic minimal channel flows
  40. Dynamics on the Laminar-Turbulent Boundary and the Origin of the Maximum Drag Reduction Asymptote
  41. An immersed boundary method for Brownian dynamics simulation of polymers in complex geometries: Application to DNA flowing through a nanoslit with embedded nanopits
  42. Margination and segregation in confined flows of blood and other multicomponent suspensions
  43. Segregation by membrane rigidity in flowing binary suspensions of elastic capsules
  44. Correlations and fluctuations of stress and velocity in suspensions of swimming microorganisms
  45. Streamwise variation of turbulent dynamics in boundary layer flow of drag-reducing fluid
  46. Coexistence of tight and loose bundled states in a model of bacterial flagellar dynamics
  47. Introduction to the XVIth International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Flows
  48. Fluid Dynamics of Dissolved Polymer Molecules in Confined Geometries
  49. Streamwise Variations in Turbulence Statistics in Drag-Reducing Turbulent Boundary Layer of Viscoelastic Fluids
  50. Pair collisions of fluid-filled elastic capsules in shear flow: Effects of membrane properties and polymer additives
  51. Active and Hibernating Turbulence in Minimal Channel Flow of Newtonian and Polymeric Fluids
  52. Turbulent drag reduction and multistage transitions in viscoelastic minimal flow units
  53. Tethered DNA dynamics in shear flow
  54. Dynamics of confined suspensions of swimming particles
  55. A mechanism for oscillatory instability in viscoelastic cross-slot flow
  56. Multiple free energy minima in systems of confined tethered polymers—toward soft nanomechanical bistable elements
  57. Dynamics of virus spread in the presence of fluid flow
  58. Diffusion and Spatial Correlations in Suspensions of Swimming Particles
  59. Enhancement of mixing and adsorption in microfluidic devices by shear-induced diffusion and topography-induced secondary flow
  60. The effect of hydrodynamic interactions on the dynamics of DNA translocation through pores
  61. Methods for Generation of Spatial Gradients in Concentration of Monomeric Surfactants and Micelles in Microfluidic Systems
  62. Modeling DNA in Confinement:  A Comparison between the Brownian Dynamics and Lattice Boltzmann Method
  63. Polymer induced drag reduction in exact coherent structures of plane Poiseuille flow
  64. Shear-induced diffusion in dilute suspensions of spherical or nonspherical particles: Effects of irreversibility and symmetry breaking
  65. Fast Computation of Many-Particle Hydrodynamic and Electrostatic Interactions in a Confined Geometry
  66. Simulation of nonlinear shear rheology of dilute salt-free polyelectrolyte solutions
  67. A single-molecule barcoding system using nanoslits for DNA analysis
  68. Cross-stream-line migration in confined flowing polymer solutions: Theory and simulation
  69. NlogN method for hydrodynamic interactions of confined polymer systems: Brownian dynamics
  70. Nonlinear travelling waves as a framework for understanding turbulent drag reduction
  71. Cross-Stream Migration of Flexible Molecules in a Nanochannel
  72. Concentration dependence of shear and extensional rheology of polymer solutions: Brownian dynamics simulations
  73. Transport and Collective Dynamics in Suspensions of Confined Swimming Particles
  74. Theory of shear-induced migration in dilute polymer solutions near solid boundaries
  75. DNA Molecules in Microfluidic Oscillatory Flow
  76. Role of Desorption Kinetics in Determining Marangoni Flows Generated by Using Electrochemical Methods and Redox-Active Surfactants
  77. Conformation and dynamics of single DNA molecules in parallel-plate slit microchannels
  78. Publisher’s Note: “Polymer drag reduction in exact coherent structures of plane shear flow” [Phys. Fluids 16, 3470 (2004)]
  79. Numerical modeling of two-fluid Taylor–Couette flow with deformable capillary liquid–liquid interface
  80. A Microfluidic System for Large DNA Molecule Arrays
  81. Polymer drag reduction in exact coherent structures of plane shear flow
  82. An externally driven magnetic microstirrer
  83. Publisher’s Note: “Shear-induced migration in flowing polymer solutions: Simulation of long-chain DNA in microchannels” [J. Chem. Phys. 120, 2513 (2004)]
  84. Shear-induced migration in flowing polymer solutions: Simulation of long-chain DNA in microchannels
  85. DNA Dynamics in a Microchannel
  86. Effect of confinement on DNA dynamics in microfluidic devices
  87. Coarse Brownian dynamics for nematic liquid crystals: Bifurcation, projective integration, and control via stochastic simulation
  88. Structure evolution in electrorheological and magnetorheological suspensions from a continuum perspective
  89. Polymer dynamics in a model of the turbulent buffer layer
  90. Interfacial hoop stress and instability of viscoelastic free surface flows
  91. A method for multiscale simulation of flowing complex fluids
  92. Influence of Surface Tension-Driven Convection on Cyclic Voltammograms of Langmuir Films of Redox-Active Amphiphiles
  93. Toward a Structural Understanding of Turbulent Drag Reduction: Nonlinear Coherent States in Viscoelastic Shear Flows
  94. Stochastic simulations of DNA in flow: Dynamics and the effects of hydrodynamic interactions
  95. Pattern Formation in Flowing Electrorheological Fluids
  96. Finite-amplitude solitary states in viscoelastic shear flow: computation and mechanism
  97. Slip, Concentration Fluctuations, and Flow Instability in Sheared Polymer Solutions
  98. Comment on “Convective Nonlinearity in Non-Newtonian Fluids”
  99. Mass transport in a novel two-fluid taylor vortex extractor
  100. Solitary Coherent Structures in Viscoelastic Shear Flow: Computation and Mechanism
  101. Hydrodynamic interactions in long chain polymers: Application of the Chebyshev polynomial approximation in stochastic simulations
  102. Symmetric diblock copolymer thin films confined between homogeneous and patterned surfaces: Simulations and theory
  103. Buckling instabilities in models of viscoelastic free surface flows
  104. Stability of viscoelastic shear flows subjected to parallel flow superposition
  105. Prediction of mass transfer rates in spatially periodic flows
  106. Effect of pressure-dependent slip on flow curve multiplicity
  107. Dynamics of concentration patterns of the NO + CO reaction on Pt: Analysis with the Karhunen-Loève decomposition
  108. Catalysis on microstructured surfaces: Pattern formation during CO oxidation in complex Pt domains
  109. Wall slip and the nonlinear dynamics of large amplitude oscillatory shear flows
  110. Plume formation and resonant bifurcations in porous-media convection
  111. Computational efficiency and approximate inertial manifolds for a Bénard convection system
  112. Pulses and global bifurcations in a nonlocal reaction-diffusion system
  113. Spatiotemporal temperature patterns during hydrogen oxidation on a nickel disk
  114. Patterns of temperature pulses on electrically heated catalytic ribbons
  115. Strongly interacting travelling waves and quasiperiodic dynamics in porous medium convection