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  1. Lock-exchange problem for Boussinesq fluids revisited: Exact shallow-water solution
  2. Comment on “Linear stability of a rotating channel flow subjected to a static magnetic field” [Phys. Fluids 34, 054116 (2022)]
  3. Elementary model of internal electromagnetic pinch-type instability
  4. Linear stability of magnetohydrodynamic flow in a square duct with thin conducting walls
  5. Two-dimensional nonlinear travelling waves in magnetohydrodynamic channel flow
  6. Weakly nonlinear stability analysis of magnetohydrodynamic channel flow using an efficient numerical approach
  7. Feasible homopolar dynamo with sliding liquid-metal contacts
  8. Velocity measurements in the liquid metal flow driven by a two-phase inductor
  9. Capacitance matrix technique for avoiding spurious eigenmodes in the solution of hydrodynamic stability problems by Chebyshev collocation method
  10. Magnetic field controlled floating-zone single crystal growth of intermetallic compounds
  11. Linear stability of magnetohydrodynamic flow in a perfectly conducting rectangular duct
  12. Inviscid helical magnetorotational instability in cylindrical Taylor-Couette flow
  13. Single-magnet rotary flowmeter for liquid metals
  14. Intermittent Behavior Caused by Surface Oxidation in a Liquid Metal Flow Driven by a Rotating Magnetic Field
  15. Edge pinch instability of oblate liquid metal drops in a transverse AC magnetic field
  16. Contactless electromagnetic phase-shift flowmeter for liquid metals
  17. Oscillations of weakly viscous conducting liquid drops in a strong magnetic field
  18. Linear stability of Hunt's flow
  19. Homopolar oscillating-disc dynamo driven by parametric resonance
  20. Convectional controlled crystal–melt interface using two-phase radio-frequency electromagnetic heating
  21. Helical magnetorotational instability in a Taylor-Couette flow with strongly reduced Ekman pumping
  22. Experimental model of the interfacial instability in aluminium reduction cells
  23. Effect of melt convection on the secondary dendritic arm spacing in peritectic Nd–Fe–B alloy
  24. Pseudo–magnetorotational instability in a Taylor-Dean flow between electrically connected cylinders
  25. Absolute versus convective helical magnetorotational instability in a Taylor-Couette flow
  26. Tailored Magnetic Fields in the Melt Extraction of Metallic Filaments
  27. Modelling of Electromagnetic Levitation - Consequences on Non-contact Physical Properties Measurements
  28. Electromagnetic levitation: A new technology for high rate physical vapour deposition of coatings onto metallic strip
  29. Basic flow and its three-dimensional linear stability in a small spherical droplet spinning in an alternating magnetic field
  30. Inductionless magnetorotational instability in a Taylor-Couette flow with a helical magnetic field
  31. Paradox of inductionless magnetorotational instability
  32. Matched asymptotic solution for the solute boundary layer in a converging axisymmetric stagnation point flow
  33. Tailoring the microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti–Al alloy using a novel electromagnetic stirring method
  34. Stability analysis of an electromagnetically levitated sphere
  35. Influence of melt convection on microstructure evolution of Nd‐Fe‐B alloys using a forced crucible rotation technique
  36. Edge pinch instability of liquid metal sheet in a transverse high-frequency ac magnetic field
  37. Boundary-Integral method for calculating poloidal axisymmetric AC magnetic fields
  38. Breakdown of Burton–Prim–Slichter approach and lateral solute segregation in radially converging flows
  40. Stability of an electromagnetically levitated spherical sample in a set of coaxial circular loops
  41. Effect of Hydrodynamics on Microstructure Evolution of Nd-Fe-B Alloys
  42. Magnetic field controlled FZ single crystal growth of intermetallic compounds
  43. Microstructure evolution of Nd–Fe–B alloys in consideration of magnetohydrodynamics
  44. Three-dimensional linear stability analysis of the flow in a liquid spherical droplet driven by an alternating magnetic field
  45. Hydrothermal wave instability of thermocapillary-driven convection in a transverse magnetic field
  46. Oscillatory instability of electromagnetically levitated solid bodies
  47. Spin-up instability of electromagnetically levitated spherical bodies
  48. Experimental and numerical study of anomalous thermocapillary convection in liquid gallium
  49. Convective, absolute, and global instabilities of thermocapillary-buoyancy convection in extended layers
  50. Hydrothermal wave instability of thermocapillary-driven convection in a coplanar magnetic field
  51. Influence of thermal boundary conditions on the stability of thermocapillary-driven convection at low Prandtl numbers
  52. Hydrothermal wave instability of thermocapillary driven convection in a plane layer subjected to a uniform magnetic field
  53. Shape Oscillations of a Slightly Viscous Liquid Metal Drop in a Strong Magnetic Field