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  1. Leading-Edge Vortex as a High-Lift Mechanism for Large-Aspect-Ratio Wings
  2. Lift Enhancement by a Stationary Leading-Edge Vortex Over a High Aspect Ratio Wing
  3. Flow pattern similarities in the near wake of three bird species suggest a common role for unsteady aerodynamic effects in lift generation
  4. Flow Scales of Influence on the Settling Velocities of Particles with Varying Characteristics
  5. A stratified wake of a hydrofoil accelerating from rest
  6. On the Estimation of Time Dependent Lift of a European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) during Flapping Flight
  7. Particle Image Velocimetry for Biological Mechanics
  8. Effects of leading edge geometry on the vortex shedding frequency of an elongated bluff body at high Reynolds numbers
  9. Estimation of Unsteady Aerodynamics in the Wake of a Freely Flying European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)
  10. Experiments on the vortex wake of a swimming knifefish
  11. Distribution of spanwise enstrophy in the near wake of three symmetric elongated bluff bodies at high Reynolds number
  12. The near wake of a freely flying European starling
  13. Flexible blade for in-line measurement of low-range viscosity
  14. Effects of particle size, concentration and surface coating on turbulent flow properties obtained using PIV/PTV
  15. Optical Methods and Unconventional Experimental Setups in Turbulence Research
  16. Estimate of turbulent dissipation in a decaying grid turbulent flow
  17. Comparison between two and three-dimensional POD in a turbulent boundary layer using multi-plane stereoscopic PIV
  18. A calibration scheme for quantitative concentration measurements using simultaneous PIV and PLIF
  19. Features of the turbulent flow around symmetric elongated bluff bodies
  20. Experimental investigation of tornado-like vortex dynamics with swirl ratio: The mean and turbulent flow fields
  21. Flow measurements regarding the timing of vortices during flutter
  22. Long-Duration Time-Resolved PIV to Study Unsteady Aerodynamics
  23. Spatial characterization of vortical structures and internal waves in a stratified turbulent wake using proper orthogonal decomposition
  24. Experimental Measurements of Expected Mass Fraction in a Contaminant Plume
  25. Diffusion of scalar concentration from localized sources in turbulent flows
  26. The fusion of actin bundles driven by interacting motor proteins
  27. Ink drop motion in wide-format printers
  28. Distribution of Energy Spectra, Reynolds Stresses, Turbulence Production, and Dissipation in a Tidally Driven Bottom Boundary Layer
  29. POD of vorticity fields: A method for spatial characterization of coherent structures
  30. Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of Wake Flows of Various Bridge Sections
  31. TD3 Bridge3
  32. Spatial characterization of the numerically simulated vorticity fields of a flow in a flume
  33. On turbulent energy production in wall bounded flows
  34. Detecting coherent patterns in a flume by using PIV and IR imaging techniques
  35. XPIV?Multi-plane stereoscopic particle image velocimetry
  36. Characterization of Turbulent Flow in a Flume with Surfactant
  37. Preliminary investigations of ultrasound induced acoustic streaming using particle image velocimetry