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  1. Experimental Study of the Transonic Flow within a Jet-Fighter Weapons Bay with Internal Stores
  2. Application of passive flow control techniques to attenuate the unsteady near wake of airborne turrets in subsonic flow
  3. Turbulent Wake-Flow Characteristics in the Near Wake of Freely Flying Raptors: A Comparative Analysis Between an Owl and a Hawk
  4. Leading-Edge Vortex as a High-Lift Mechanism for Large-Aspect-Ratio Wings
  5. OpenPIV-MATLAB — An open-source software for particle image velocimetry; test case: Birds’ aerodynamics
  6. Aerodynamic forces acting on birds during flight: A comparative study of a shorebird, songbird and a strigiform
  7. Lift Enhancement by a Stationary Leading-Edge Vortex Over a High Aspect Ratio Wing
  8. Flow Features of the Near Wake of the Australian Boobook Owl (Ninox boobook) During Flapping Flight Suggest an Aerodynamic Mechanism of Sound Suppression for Stealthy Flight
  9. Flow pattern similarities in the near wake of three bird species suggest a common role for unsteady aerodynamic effects in lift generation
  10. A stratified wake of a hydrofoil accelerating from rest
  11. On the Estimation of Time Dependent Lift of a European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) during Flapping Flight
  12. Estimation of Unsteady Aerodynamics in the Wake of a Freely Flying European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)