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  1. Characterization of early growth stages of Pb/Ge(001)
  2. Trimethyltin-Mediated Covalent Gold–Carbon Bond Formation
  3. Wurtzite structure in ultrathin ZnO films on Fe(110): Surface x-ray diffraction and ab initio calculations
  4. Probing the mechanism for graphene nanoribbon formation on gold surfaces through X-ray spectroscopy
  5. Donor–Acceptor Shape Matching Drives Performance in Photovoltaics
  6. Binding Geometry of Hydrogen-Bonded Chain Motif in Self-Assembled Gratings and Layers on Ag(111)
  7. Quantifying through-space charge transfer dynamics in π-coupled molecular systems
  8. Changes of the Molecule–Substrate Interaction upon Metal Inclusion into a Porphyrin
  9. Fe nanoparticles on ZnSe: Reversible temperature dependence of the surface barrier potential
  10. Intrinsic Nature of the Excess Electron Distribution at the TiO 2 ( 110 ) Surface
  11. Tailoring SAM-on-SAM Formation
  12. Early stages of formation of the Ag-Ni(111) interface studied by grazing incidence x-ray diffraction and x-ray photoelectron diffraction
  13. Making angle-resolved photoemission measurements on corrugated monolayer crystals: Suspended exfoliated single-crystal graphene
  14. Structure and Energy Level Alignment of Tetramethyl Benzenediamine on Au(111)
  15. In situstudy of pentacene interaction with archetypal hybrid contacts: Fluorinated versus alkane thiols on gold
  16. Corrugation in Exfoliated Graphene: An Electron Microscopy and Diffraction Study
  17. Substrate Influence for the Zn‐tetraphenyl‐porphyrin Adsorption Geometry and the Interface‐Induced Electron Transfer
  18. Local order and hybridization effects for Mn ions probed by resonant soft x-ray spectroscopies: The Mn:CdTe(110) interface revisited
  19. Relating Energy Level Alignment and Amine-Linked Single Molecule Junction Conductance
  20. Site-specific electronic and geometric interface structure of Co-tetraphenyl-porphyrin layers on Ag(111)
  21. Local electronic properties and magnetism of (Cd,Mn)Te quantum wells
  22. Resonant photoelectron and photoelectron diffraction across the Fe L 3 edge of Fe 3 O 4
  23. l-Tyrosine on Ag(111): Universality of the Amino Acid 2D Zwitterionic Bonding Scheme?
  24. Customized Electronic Coupling in Self‐Assembled Donor–Acceptor Nanostructures
  25. Electronic states of CuPc chains on the Au(110) surface
  26. Comment on “Local Methylthiolate Adsorption Geometry on Au(111) from Photoemission Core-Level Shifts”
  27. XPS and STM study of Mn incorporation on the GaAs(001) surface
  28. Self-Assembly of l-Methionine on Cu(111): Steering Chiral Organization by Substrate Reactivity and Thermal Activation
  29. Heterostructured organic interfaces probed by resonant photoemission
  30. Mesoscopic Donor−Acceptor Multilayer by Ultrahigh-Vacuum Codeposition of Zn-Tetraphenyl-Porphyrin and C70
  31. Spectromicroscopy of single and multilayer graphene supported by a weakly interacting substrate
  32. X-ray Diffraction and Computation Yield the Structure of Alkanethiols on Gold(111)
  33. Periodic Arrays of Cu-Phthalocyanine Chains on Au(110)
  34. Interaction strength and molecular orientation of a single layer of pentacene in organic-metal interface and organic-organic heterostructure
  35. Local coordination of Mn atoms at the Mn:Ge(111) interface from photoelectron diffraction experiments
  36. Defect States at the TiO 2 ( 110 ) Surface Probed by Resonant Photoelectron Diffraction
  37. Pentacene Nanorails on Au(110)
  38. Defects at the TiO2(100) surface probed by resonant photoelectron diffraction
  39. Lead Phthalocyanine Films by Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy
  40. Zwitterionic self-assembly of l -methionine nanogratings on the Ag(111) surface
  41. Structure of a CH 3 S Monolayer on Au(111) Solved by the Interplay between Molecular Dynamics Calculations and Diffraction Measurements
  42. Electronic and Geometric Characterization of the l-Cysteine Paired-Row Phase on Au(110)
  43. Surface and electronic properties of the Mn:Ge(111) interface at the early stages of growth
  44. Electronic structure and molecular orientation of a Zn-tetra-phenyl porphyrin multilayer on Si(111)
  45. Molecular orientations, electronic properties and charge transfer timescale in a Zn-porphyrin/C70 donor–acceptor complex for solar cells
  46. Phase Diagram of Pentacene Growth on Au(110)
  47. Ultrahigh Vacuum Deposition of l-Cysteine on Au(110) Studied by High-Resolution X-ray Photoemission:  From Early Stages of Adsorption to Molecular Organization
  48. Electronic properties of the ordered metallic Mn:Ge(111) interface
  49. Displacive phase transition at the5∕3monolayer of Pb on Ge(001)
  50. Resonant valence-band photoemission spectroscopy on the Fe62Ni20Cr18 alloy
  51. Emission-Depth-Selective Auger Photoelectron Coincidence Spectroscopy
  52. Electronic properties of a pure and sodium-doped C70 single layer adsorbed on Al polycrystalline surface
  53. Annealing Temperature Dependence of C60 on Silicon Surfaces Bond Evolution and Fragmentation as Detected by NEXAFS
  54. Photoelectron–Auger electron coincidence study for condensed matter
  55. Selectivity of Auger Decays to the Local Surface Environment
  56. Surfactant effect and dissolution of ultrathinFefilms onAg(001)
  57. Temperature Driven Reversible Breakdown of Pseudomorphism in UltrathinFe/Cu3AuFilms
  58. Electronic properties of the Mn–CdTe(110) interface probed by resonant photoemission at the Mn 2p–3d absorption threshold
  59. Impact of bulk reduction on TiO2(100)/K
  60. High resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of 3-mercaptopropionic acid self-assembled films
  61. Copper−Phthalocyanine Induced Reconstruction of Au(110)
  62. Pseudomorphic-to-bulk fcc phase transition of thin Ni films on Pd(100)
  63. Resonant photoemission from Cd0.82Mn0.18Te single crystals at the Mn 2p → 3d absorption threshold
  64. High resolution XPS of the S 2p core level region of the L-cysteine/gold interface
  65. Stoichiometry-related Auger lineshapes in titanium oxides: Influence of valence-band profile and of Coster-Kronig processes
  66. High resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of l-cysteine self-assembled films
  67. Surface to bulk charge transfer at an alkali metal/metal oxide interface
  68. Molecular orientation of CN adsorbed on Pd(110)
  69. Giant resonant photoemission at the Mn 2 p → 3 d absorption threshold of Cd 1 − x Mn x Te
  70. Metallic phases of a C70 single layer adsorbed on Cu(111) doped with sodium
  71. Molecular orientation of C60 on Pt(111) determined by X-ray photoelectron diffraction
  72. L2L3V Coster Kronig decay in Fe, Ni and NiO: the near edge region
  73. Study of the isotropic contribution to the analysis of photoelectron diffraction experiments at the ALOISA beamline
  74. Surface and bulk contributions in magnetic linear dichroism in the angular dependence from ferromagnetic transition metals
  75. Pseudomorphic to orthomorphic growth of Fe films onCu3Au(001)
  76. Structure and magnetism of Fe/Cu() thin films
  77. From bilayer to trilayer Fe nanoislands on Cu 3 Au ( 001 )
  78. C 70 adsorbed on Cu(111): Metallic character and molecular orientation
  81. Growth, structure and epitaxy of ultrathin NiO films on Ag(001)
  82. Order-disorder character of the ( 3 × 3 ) to ( 3 × 3 ) R 30 ° phase transition of Sn on Ge(111)
  83. Imaging atom sites with near node photoelectron holography
  84. Order-disorder transition of the ( 3 × 3 ) Sn/Ge(111) phase
  85. Intra-atomic versus interatomic process in resonant Auger spectra at the Ti L 23 edges in rutile
  86. The ALOISA end station at Elettra:
  87. Structure modulated LMDAD effects in BCC-Fe vs. RCP-Fe
  88. Resonant L2MV and L3MV Auger transitions in titanium dioxide
  89. Atomically Resolved Images from Near Node Photoelectron Holography Experiments on Al(111)
  90. Determination of the ( 3 × 3 ) − S n / G e ( 111 ) structure by photoelectron diffraction
  91. Coadsorption of Cs with O and CO on Ru(0001): relation between structural and electronic properties
  92. Comparison of the electronic structure and surface geometry of the metastable C s + O overlayers on Ru(0001)
  93. Disordering of the Ge(001) surface studied by He atom scattering
  96. Performance of the grating-crystal monochromator of the ALOISA beamline at the Elettra Synchrotron
  97. Anisotropic Ordered Planar Growth of α-Sexithienyl Thin Films
  98. Angular correlation in Auger photoelectron coincidence spectroscopy from the Cu(111) surface
  99. Electronic properties of Cs+CO coadsorbed on the Ru(0001) surface
  100. First results from the new optical configuration for a synchrotron radiation monochromator applied to the ALOISA beamline
  101. Step Height Oscillations during Layer-by-Layer Growth of Pb on Ge(001)
  102. Interaction of He and Ne with Cu surfaces
  103. Temperature behavior of the (√3 × √3)R30°-1CO and the (2 × 2)-3CO overlayers on Rh(111): a combined HAS and LEED investigation
  104. Unusual disordering processes of oxygen overlayers on Rh(111): A combined diffraction study using thermal He atoms and low-energy electrons
  105. Ejection of O− ions by interaction of O2 with Ru(0001) covered with submonolayers of Cs
  106. Ordering of a prototypical conjugated molecular system during monolayer growth on the (1×2)-Au(110) surface
  107. Ultra-high-vacuum single-layer formation of α-hexathienyl on the (1×2) Au(110) surface
  108. Low-energy vibrations at the InSb(110) surface
  109. Terrace distribution during sputtering and recovery of InSb(110) studied by He-atom scattering
  110. Vacancy island nucleation and inverse growth of InSb(110)
  112. Electron density of (1×2)Pt(110) from He reflectivity measurements
  113. Inverse growth kinetics on InSb(110)
  114. Exoelectron emission at Cs surfaces by accelerated O2 molecules
  115. Evolution of the missing row deconstruction on Rh (110)
  116. A synchrotron radiation study of NO, CO and hydrogen adsorption on Rh(110)
  117. Deconstruction and roughening transitions on (1x2)Pt(110)
  119. Singlet-to-triplet conversion of metastable He atoms at alkali-metal overlayers
  120. Disorder-order evolution of InSb(110) studied by He scattering
  121. A new model for atom–atom potentials
  122. Quantitative structure determination of (1 × 2)-Rh(110) by helium scattering
  123. Elastic and inelastic interactions of He and Ne atoms with metal surfaces
  124. Surface burgers vectors and surface defects
  125. A synchrotron radiation study of NO and oxygen on Rh(110)
  126. A synchrotron radiation study of NO and oxygen on Rh(110)
  127. Electron density and structure of the (1×2)-Au(110) surface studied by He-beam scattering
  128. O − escape during the oxidation of cesium
  129. He scattering from Rh(110)
  130. He scattering from Rh(110)
  131. The (2 × 2) p2mg to phase transition
  132. The (2 × 2) p2mg to (1 × 2) O/Rh(110) phase transition
  133. Exoelectron emission during the oxidation of Na films
  134. Exoelectron emission during the oxidation of Na films
  135. Compact He beam scattering apparatus for surface studies
  136. He beam study of deconstruction and roughening of Au(110)(1 × 2)
  137. Photoemission investigation of the reconstructed Au(110) surface
  138. Exoelectron emission during oxidation of Cs films
  139. Preparation and characterization of thin CsAu films
  140. Nonadiabatic surface reaction: Mechanism of electron emission in the Cs+ O 2 system
  141. Dissociation of CH species on Ni(111): A HREELS study
  142. Dissociation of Ch species on Ni(111): A HREELS study
  143. Switching of the Au(110) reconstruction by Ag deposition and alloying
  144. Switching of the Au(110) reconstruction by Ag deposition and alloying