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  1. Beyond the visible limit: plasmonics at the UV (Conference Presentation)
  2. Mesoporous Titanium Dioxide Thin Films on Quartz via Electrochemical Anodisation Process
  3. Effects of surface oxidation on the exchange-bias properties of the single-crystal antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic junction Mn/Co/Cu(001)
  4. Pushing the High-Energy Limit of Plasmonics
  5. Anodic Oxidation of Titanium in Sulphuric Acid and Phosphoric Acid Electrolytes
  6. Reentrant Surface Anisotropy in the Antiferromagnetic/Ferromagnetic BilayerMn/Co/Cu(001)
  7. Deep Ultraviolet Plasmon Resonance in Aluminum Nanoparticle Arrays
  8. Tuning the Magneto-optical Response of Iron Oxide Nanocrystals in Au- and Ag-Based Plasmonic Media
  9. Composite Gold/Magnetite Plasmonic-Magnetic Media Based on Self-Organization
  10. Plasmon dispersion in self-organized Au nanoparticle arrays
  11. Flexible Tuning of Shape and Arrangement of Au Nanoparticles in 2-Dimensional Self-Organized Arrays: Morphology and Plasmonic Response
  12. A spin polarized He metastable beam investigation of the adsorption of l-cysteine on magnetic surfaces
  13. Interaction of Liquids with Nanoporous Cluster Assembled Au Films
  14. Exchange bias anisotropy versus antiferromagnet thickness in uniaxial Cr/Fe bilayers
  15. Optical properties of cluster-assembled nanoporous gold films
  16. Growth dynamics of L-cysteine SAMs on single-crystal gold surfaces: a metastable deexcitation spectroscopy study
  17. Exchange bias in self-organized nanopatterned Cr/Fe junctions
  18. Thermal stability and corrosion resistance of the magnetic anisotropy in ultrathin nanopatterned films
  19. Cu underpotential deposition on Au controlled by in situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
  20. Optical Characterization of Thiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au(111)
  21. Spin-polarised metastable atom de-excitation at alkali-covered magnetic surfaces: Na on Fe/Ag(001)
  22. He∗ interaction with soft matter surfaces: Ultra thin l-cysteine films
  23. Onset of magnetic anisotropy in ion-sculpted ultrathin magnetic films
  24. Magnetocrystalline anisotropy of monatomic steps inFe∕Ag(001)nanopatterned films
  25. Tuning the magnetic anisotropy of ultrathin Fe∕Ag(001) films from biaxial to uniaxial by ion sculpting
  26. Isolating the Step Contribution to the Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy in NanostructuredFe/Ag(001)Films
  27. Correlation between magnetism and structure in ultrathinFe∕Cu3Au(001)films
  28. Ultrahigh Vacuum Deposition of l-Cysteine on Au(110) Studied by High-Resolution X-ray Photoemission:  From Early Stages of Adsorption to Molecular Organization
  29. Growth and oxidation of Na on Ag(001): a MDS study
  30. Surfactant effect and dissolution of ultrathinFefilms onAg(001)
  31. Temperature Driven Reversible Breakdown of Pseudomorphism in UltrathinFe/Cu3AuFilms
  32. Thermal magnetic properties of Fe films on Cu3Au investigated by magneto optical Kerr effect
  33. Penning de-excitation of spin-polarised metastable He atoms on magnetic surfaces: Mg on Fe
  34. Spectro-ellipsometry on cadmium stearate Langmuir–Blodgett films
  35. Pseudomorphic to orthomorphic growth of Fe films onCu3Au(001)
  36. The structure of the Cu3Au(001) surface studied by impact collision of low energy Ne ions
  37. Surface magnetism during the early stages of oxygen-assisted growth of Cr on Fe(001): A SPMDS study
  38. Oxygen induced modifications in the growth of ultrathin iron films on Cu3Au()
  39. Magnetic second harmonic study of Cr/Fe and Ag/Fe buried interfaces
  40. Surfactant properties of oxygen in the homoepitaxial growth of Fe: a MDS study
  41. Oxygen adsorption on a Fe/MgO(1 0 0) film: a surface magnetism investigation
  42. Initial stages of growth of Fe onCu3Au(001)at low temperature: Formation of two-layer-thick islands
  43. Adsorbate phase transformations and the coverage-dependent oscillation of electron transfer probabilities
  44. Combined photoelectron and X-ray diffraction from ultrathin Fe films on Cu3Au(001)
  45. Surfactant properties of chemisorbed oxygen in Fe/Fe(001) homoepitaxy: a He diffraction study
  46. Study of the growth and the magnetism of ultrathin films of Cr on Fe
  47. Structural versus Magnetic Properties at the Surface of Fe Films during Oxygen-Assisted Homoepitaxial Growth
  48. The Cu3Au(001) surface: a He diffraction study
  49. Surface magnetism of iron films following the adsorption of oxygen: a comparison between Fe/Ag(100) and Fe/MgO(100)
  50. Temperature effects on morphology and composition of ultrathin heteroepitaxial films: Fe on Ag(100)
  51. Surface vs. bulk order/disorder transition in a binary alloy. A He diffraction study of the Cu 3 Au(001) surface
  52. Thermal desorption from ordered chemisorbed phases studied by helium scattering: Oxygen on Ag(110)
  53. Thermal Evolution of Anodized Nb by XPS
  54. Surface magnetism of oxygen adsorbed on a film
  55. Resonant ionization+Auger neutralization in the study of the electronic structure of clean semiconductor surfaces
  56. XPS analysis of the surface composition of niobium for superconducting RF cavities
  57. Surface electronic structure of Ge(111) from 300 to 1100 K by metastable deexcitation spectroscopy
  59. Interference shift due to local variation of the attractive well in atom-surface scattering from small islands
  60. Initial growth morphology in a heteroepitaxial system at low temperature: Fe on Ag(100)
  61. Surface magnetism of an ultrathin film: influence of O2 and CO adsorption
  62. Recombination of hydroxyl phases on Ag(110): coexistence of long-range ordered domains of atomic oxygen and hydroxyl
  63. Thermal effects on the surface magnetism of a 10 ML Fe/Ag(100) film studied by spin polarized metastable deexcitation spectroscopy (SPMDS)
  64. Simple model to calculate surface magnetization from spin-polarized metastable deexcitation spectroscopy: Fe/Ag(100)
  65. Reactive and unreactive interfaces studied by means of metastable deexcitation spectroscopy
  66. Diffusion by atomic place exchange in ultrathin iron films on Ag(100): an ion scattering spectroscopy study
  67. GaAs(110) surface electronic structure by metastable deexcitation spectroscopy
  68. Surface magnetism of Fe on Ag(100): a He∗ spin polarized study
  69. A MDS study of the Yb/GaAs(110) interface
  70. Coexistence of OH phases on Ag(110)
  71. Interdiffusion and segregation in the growth of thin Fe films on Ag(100): an ARUPS-MDS study
  72. Simple and efficient method of spin‐polarizing a metastable helium beam by diode laser optical pumping
  73. Surface reconstruction and thermal desorption: OAg(110) an experimental study
  74. Surface density of states of Sb/GaAs (110) and H:GaAs(110) by metastable deexcitation spectroscopy
  75. An experimental investigation of the dissociation of H2O on O (n × 1) -Ag(110) : Formation of OH (1 × m) ordered layers
  76. O(2×1)-Ag(110) missing-row reconstruction: Structure determination by low-energy ion scattering
  77. Water dissociation on phases
  78. Water dissociation on O(n × 1)−Ag(110) phases
  79. He diffraction study of the OH(1×1)−Ag(110) phase
  80. Impact-collision ion scattering study of Ag(110)
  81. Electronic States of the Ag(110)–O( n × 1) Phases Studied by Photoemission and Metastable Deexcitation Spectroscopies
  82. An experimental determination of the H2Ag(110) interaction potential
  83. An experimental determination of the H2-Ag(110) interaction potential
  84. An experimental apparatus to study chemisorption at surfaces by He diffractive scattering, ultraviolet photoemission, and metastable deexcitation spectroscopies
  85. Electronic states of weakly chemisorbed systems studied by comparing photoemission and metastable deexcitation spectroscopies: CO on Ag(110)
  86. Ordered chemisorption of atomic deuterium on the Ag(110) surface
  87. Ordered chemisorption of atomic deuterium on the Ag(110) surface
  88. Energy level splitting in the study of H2-Ag(110) surface selective adsorption
  89. Energy level splitting in the study of H2Ag(110) surface selective adsorption
  90. Hydrogen diffraction from the (110) surface of silver
  91. Study of the Ag(110) surface by He diffraction
  92. Study of the Ag(110) surface by He diffraction
  93. Quasi-elastic scattering of neon from (001)LiF surface
  94. Quasi-elastic scattering of neon from (001)LiF surface
  95. A simple and flexible atom-surface potential with easy-to-handle vibrational spectrum
  96. A simple and flexible atom-surface potential with easy-to-handle vibrational spectrum
  97. Representation of potential energy curves for diatomic molecules
  98. Selective adsorption of 1H2 and 2H2 on the (0001) graphite surface
  99. Selective adsorption of 1H2 and 2H2 on the (0001) graphite surface
  100. Ultraviolet emission in Xe + Xe collisions near threshold
  101. A study of the (001)LiF surface at 80 K by means of diffractive scattering of He and Ne atoms at thermal energies