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ABSTRACT: This paper is on the push and choice for a greener and environmentally sustainable energy, particularly wind energy. A single wind turbine produces a limited amount of carbon emissions throughout its lifecycle. By taking a broader view, wind energy farms (or wind farms) have collectively a greater impact upon the environment and economy. Recent research on wind farms tends to focus on energy-generated modelling for the cushioning and mitigation of the climate-change malady, hence to enable accurate prediction of power generation. This paper presents an approach to wind energy, with respect to: (i) carbon emissions and intensity; (ii) potential energy production; (iii) return on economic investment; and (iv) payback-time from an early design perspective. The overall contribution of this work is to develop an approach to enable the selection of “greener” options represented in renewable energy sources, particularly the wind energy, with the focus on economic feasibility assessment and environmental impacts. This study represents, to top-management, industrialists (such as wind-turbines’ manufacturers), environmentalists, and engineers, as well as to wind-energy services’ providers, research scientists, and policy- and decision-makers, an assessment of the choices and options of wind-energy provision and in investing in its industry and development, as a clean and sustainable technology to generate electric power. In addition, the potential of using wind energy and other kinds of renewable energy sources for electric power generation is investigated in this study, with respect to the Continent of Africa, as a “case study”, in terms of opportunities and challenges. URL: https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/josee.2017.5.issue-4/jsee.2017.629521/jsee.2017.629521.xml?format=INT FOR CITATION: Yihdego, Yohannes; Salem, Hilmi S.; Pudza, Musa Yahaya (2017). Renewable Energy: Wind Farm Perspectives - The Case of Africa. Journal of Sustainable Energy Engineering, Volume 5, Number 4, December 2017, pp. 281-306(26). Publisher: Scrivener Publishing. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322522443_Renewable_Energy_Wind_Farm_Perspectives_-_The_Case_of_Africa

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This paper sheds light on one of innovative technologies in generating electric power from green, clean, and sustainable energy sources, which is the wind, with the focus on the Continent of Africa, as a case study. The Continent of Africa, though it is very rich in natural resources, including renewable energies (such as solar and wind), it is still very poor, with the exception of a few countries, in implementing and exploiting those natural resources.


It is a pleasure for me and my colleagues to author this paper that will present an overview about one of the important issues in the Continent of Africa. This issue is the wind energy than can be of a great importance to the Continent of Africa and its 54 countries, with a total population exceeding 1.35 billion as for June 2020.

Prof. Dr. Hilmi S. Salem

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This page is a summary of: Renewable Energy: Wind Farm Perspectives – The Case of Africa, Journal of Sustainable Energy Engineering, December 2017, Scrivener Publishing,
DOI: 10.7569/jsee.2017.629521.
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