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  1. Energy transition from total dependence on fossil to renewable energy in the Arabian Gulf region
  2. Water strategies, water–food Nexus, and sustainability: challenges in various regions of the World
  3. Pest Management and Droughts in Australia and Palestine - HILMI S. SALEM
  4. Drought indices and indicators revisited
  5. Multi-criteria decision approach for evaluation, ranking, and selection of remediation options: case of polluted groundwater, Kuwait
  6. Geology and Economy of Oil Shale Deposits in Ethiopia and Jordan - HILMI S. SALEM
  7. Mining Industry Challenges in Developing and Developed Countries - HILMI S. SALEM
  8. Mining sector challenges in developing countries, Tigray, Ethiopia and inspirational success stories from Australia
  9. Treatment of world's largest and extensively hydrocarbon polluted environment: experimental approach and feasibility analysis
  10. Renewable Energy: Wind Energy in the Continent of Africa - HILMI S. SALEM
  11. Application of Airborne Geophysics and Geochemistry to Characterize Groundwater Flow Path
  12. Evaporation rate comparison
  13. Drought and Groundwater Quality in Coastal Areas
  14. Groundwater Engineering in an Environmentally Sensitive Urban Area: Assessment, Landuse Change/Infrastructure Impacts and Mitigation Measures
  15. Hydrocarbon Assessment and Prediction due to the Gulf War Oil Disaster, North Kuwait
  16. Drought and Groundwater Quality in Coastal Areas
  17. Groundwater Resources Assessment and Impact Analysis Using a Conceptual Water Balance Model and Time Series Data Analysis: Case of Decision Making Tool
  18. Simulation of Groundwater Mounding Due to Irrigation Practice: Case of Wastewater Reuse Engineering Design
  19. Engineering and enviro-management value of radius of influence estimate from mining excavation
  20. Highlighting the Role of Groundwater in Lake– Aquifer Interaction to Reduce Vulnerability and  Enhance Resilience to Climate Change
  21. Assessment of Wetland Hydrological Dynamics in a Modified Catchment Basin: Case of Lake Buninjon, Victoria, Australia
  22. Why is the groundwater level rising? A case study using HARTT to simulate groundwater level dynamics
  23. Engineering and environmental remediation scenarios due to leakage from the Gulf War oil spill using 3-D numerical contaminant modellings
  24. Human impact assessment through a transient numerical modeling on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Naivasha, Kenya
  25. Hydro-engineering solution for a sustainable groundwater management at a cross border region: case of Lake Nyasa/Malawi basin, Tanzania
  26. Assessment and Prediction of Saline Sea Water Transport in Groundwater Using 3-D Numerical Modelling
  27. Hydraulic In situ Testing for Mining and Engineering Design: Packer Test Procedure, Preparation, Analysis and Interpretation
  28. Mine dewatering and impact assessment in an arid area: Case of Gulf region
  29. Mine water supply assessment and evaluation of the system response to the designed demand in a desert region, central Saudi Arabia
  30. Flow modelling of strategically vital freshwater aquifers in Kuwait
  31. Predicting Open Pit Mine Inflow and Recovery Depth in the Durvuljin soum, Zavkhan Province, Mongolia
  32. Gulf war contamination assessment for optimal monitoring and remediation cost-benefit analysis, Kuwait
  33. Engineering Rock Mass Evaluation for a Multi-purpose Hydroelectric Power Plant: Case of Genale Dawa (GD-3), Ethiopia
  34. Evaluation of Flow Reduction due to Hydraulic Barrier Engineering Structure: Case of Urban Area Flood, Contamination and Pollution Risk Assessment
  35. Validation of a model with climatic and flow scenario analysis: case of Lake Burrumbeet in southeastern Australia
  36. Hydrological analysis as a technical tool to support strategic and economic development: A case study of Lake Navaisha, Kenya
  37. Response to Parker: Rebuttal: ENGE-D-13-00994R2 ‘‘Modelling of lake level under climate change conditions: Lake Purrumbete in southeastern Australia’’ by Yihdego et al. (2015)
  38. Water Reuse and Recreational Waters
  39. Water Reuse in Hilly Urban Areas
  40. Modelling water and salt balances in a deep, groundwater-throughflow lake—Lake Purrumbete, southeastern Australia
  41. Modelling of lake level under climate change conditions: Lake Purrumbete in southeastern Australia
  42. 3-D numerical groundwater flow simulation for geological discontinuities in the Unkheltseg Basin, Mongolia
  43. Use of a conceptual hydrogeological model and a time variant water budget analysis to determine controls on salinity in Lake Burrumbeet in southeast Australia
  44. Simulation of lake–aquifer interaction at Lake Naivasha, Kenya using a three-dimensional flow model with the high conductivity technique and a DEM with bathymetry
  45. An Empirical Water Budget Model As a Tool to Identify the Impact of Land-use Change in Stream Flow in Southeastern Australia
  46. Modelling of seasonal and long-term trends in lake salinity in southwestern Victoria, Australia
  47. Modeling of bore hydrographs to determine the impact of climate and land-use change in a temperate subhumid region of southeastern Australia