Gamechangers and the meaningfulness of difference in the sporting world – a postmodern outlook

  • Anders McDonald Sookermany
  • Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.4324/9780203712337-9

Gamechangers in the Sporting World

What is it about?

Gamechangers in the Sporting World challenge sameness with difference and succeed to an extent that others follow in their path. This chapter present six characteristics of game changing in sport; Emancipation as the liberation from that which is taken for granted; Deconstruction as the art of challenging the prevailing narrative; Vocabulary and language as tools for deconstructing meaning; Dialog, narratives, and metaphors as grinding stones for one’s own judgment; Diversity as utilizing difference and plurality; and Aesthetics as an expression of the community of practice’s style.

Why is it important?

Essentially, my argument is based on an assumption that sports is constructed and continuously redeveloped on the grand narrative of modernity emphasizing sameness over difference. Thus, in this chapter, I put forward an alternative view, one that explores the meaningfulness of difference from the outlook of difference. The main take away in my view is an expansion of the analytical framework we use in exploring sports today.

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