Training, Market And Business In The Social Web

  • Manuel Fandos Igado, Jose Ignacio Aguaded Gomez
  • i-manager’s Journal of Educational Technology, June 2009, i-manager Publications
  • DOI: 10.26634/jet.6.1.206

Training, Market And Business In The Social Web

What is it about?

These changes are affecting everybody and, in particular, companies and institutions related to people’s education, teaching and training for their inclusion in society and labour market.This paper brings up some reflections in two ways: the first one deals with some reasons why education is also related to the concept of company and the second one deals with how these changes generated by web 2.0 are affecting some training companies, represented in this case by Master-D.

Why is it important?

The development and implementation of web 2.0 or social web are threatening the basis of the ways of mixing with other people.

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