Administration of supplemental L-tyrosine with phenelzine: a clinical literature review

  • Marty Hinz, Alvin Stein, Ted Cole, Patricia Ryan
  • Clinical Pharmacology Advances and Applications, July 2014, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.2147/cpaa.s67271

Tyrosine does not cause increased blood pressure

What is it about?

MAO inhibitors have a long list of side effects, including severe high blood pressure.There is a long list of dietary exclusions to help prevent some of these side effects. Not following these suggestions can have severe consequences. However, taking tyrosine is not one of those exclusions.

Why is it important?

For decades, tyrosine has been listed as being forbidden if you are taking MAO inhibitors. However, there was never any clinical evidence for this. As we point out, it would be impossible to avoid tyrosine and still be able to eat an adequate diet. In our research, we did not find a single case of tyrosine causing increased blood pressure. In fact, it was just the reverse: there was a good deal of evidence showing that tyrosine helped to reduce blood pressure.

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