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Chronic musculoskeletal pain is badly understood and its biological mechanisms still elude us.

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If clinicians could count on biological markers to characterize chronic musculoskeletal pain, they would be better equiped to recommend the best treatments. Identifying markers of chronic pain would also allow us to formulate and test more specific hypotheses and accelerate the advancement of knowledge on this very frequent condition.


The question of biological markers of chronic musculoskeletal pain has not been seriously studied yet, partly because of methodological difficulties that are less acute nowadays. We have identified a few markers from a long list that were associated with at least two sites of musculoskeletal pain. This could lead the way to more development in this area.

Dr. Clermont E. Dionne
Universite Laval

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This page is a summary of: An exploratory identification of biological markers of chronic musculoskeletal pain in the low back, neck, and shoulders, PLoS ONE, April 2022, PLOS,
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0266999.
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