What is it about?

This study focuses on construction projects. It is generally thought of and understood that different project types usually have and embody different characteristics. Through focussing on the differences in relationships within different types of projects we try to uncover patterns in this study. We use an evidence-based approach and looks at public, private and public-private projects. An online questionnaire which uses established approaches and tool frameworks was utilised to collect information. From the collected data, in total we compared 17 public, 30 private and 9 ppp construction projects. The projects were separated based on these three types as they better represent the different categories and sectors of projects. In studying the information, we used various established network tools and models to help us understand and analyse the project information and data we have obtained. Some of these tools include working out the number of connections between the relationships as well as how close these relationships are. Models we use include those used to statistically understand and interpret the information obtained. These approaches were selected as they allowed us to interpret the information through various perspectives. The project outcomes we use are to do with the cost parameter. This was the focus as it was more representative of the overall performance. The results show that there are notable distinctions between the project types. It is found that there are indeed differences between the networks and that different network patterns lead to different project results. This information helps to understand better how difference types of projects work, and help to better understand how these relationships ultimately affect the project results within different environments.

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Why is it important?

This study is important because firstly, it allows us to understand what make project work and what doesn’t from a network perspective. Secondly, it allows us to understand how these will ultimately affect and impact the project results as well as the performance of projects.


The collaborative experience and all involved was very interesting. The direction of research is something I am immensely proud of.

Shahadat Uddin
University of Sydney

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This page is a summary of: Stakeholder engagement variability across public, private and public-private partnership projects: A data-driven network-based analysis, PLoS ONE, January 2023, PLOS,
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0279916.
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