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This study compared the post-activation performance enhancement (PAPE) effects of a flywheel eccentric overload (FEOL) exercise and barbell half squats (BHS) on countermovement jump (CMJ) and 30 m sprint performance.Although barbell half squat training and flywheel eccentric overload training did not provide a significant PAPE effect on explosive power (CMJ and sprint) in male basketball players, FEOL training showed a better potential effect on enhanced CMJ jump performance at the high training intensity.

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The characteristics of basketball require players’ high levels of neuromuscular abilities including power output, strength, and speed. Both strength and power training programs for basketball players should focus on developing the performance of explosive movements. An acute enhancement in explosive sport performance namely throws, sprints and jumps can be achieved due to the muscular phenomenon called post-activation potentiation (PAP) and an alternative term has been proposed in 2017, a post-activation performance enhancement (PAPE). Despite both are helpful in the increment of sports performance, differences exist in underlying physiological mechanisms and in the time of enhancement persistence. The primary underlying PAP mechanism is the phosphorylation of the myosin regulatory light chain and a very short period (<3 min) , while PAPE would be associated with other potential mechanisms namely muscle temperature, water content and a longer “window of opportunity” (>4 min) as well as the presence of possible neural mechanisms. Previous studies on the PAPE effect have mostly focused on explosive power-based sports such as throwing, weightlifting, soccer, rugby , and track and field. The effects of PAPE activation induced by barbell squatting and EOL training in elite basketball players over a season are rarely reported. This study aimed to compare the influence of exercise modality (FEOL or BHS) and intensity, moderate, and high on PAPE in CMJ and sprint in basketball players.


Jumping performance is important for basketball players. However, as mentioned previously, the effect of PAPE is only transitory and could not be effective during an entire match. Furthermore, players run from the onset of the match which can therefore offset the effectiveness of a conditioning protocol on jumping performance. Therefore, the limit related to the activity would instead stand upon the practicability of this protocol. PAPE protocols induced by half squats (barbell or flywheel) should be implemented in training to improve jumping performance during exercise and thus improve training effectiveness.

Jian Sun
Guangzhou Sport University

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This page is a summary of: Flywheel eccentric overload exercises versus barbell half squats for basketball players: Which is better for induction of post-activation performance enhancement?, PLoS ONE, November 2022, PLOS, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0277432.
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