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This paper explores how renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power, are changing our energy landscape. It delves into the challenges of using these sources, such as their unpredictable nature, and how they affect the prices we pay for electricity. By studying the Italian electricity market as a case study, the research shows how renewable energy's fluctuations impact market dynamics and the costs associated with balancing the grid. This understanding is crucial for moving towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future while also managing the economic implications of these changes.

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Understanding the impact of renewable energy on our energy systems and markets is crucial for several reasons. First, as we transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources to combat climate change, it's vital to grasp how renewables affect our carbon footprint. Second, these energy sources introduce unpredictability, which can impact energy prices and the stability of our power grids. Third, renewable energy is becoming increasingly prevalent, and we need to optimize its integration into existing energy systems to reduce costs and maintain reliability. By studying these dynamics, we can make informed decisions to ensure a greener, economically efficient, and resilient energy future.


Looking ahead, there are promising perspectives that emerge from this research. Understanding the dynamics of renewable energy integration into our energy systems allows us to fine-tune strategies for reducing our carbon footprint. By addressing the challenges of renewable energy fluctuations, we can develop more efficient energy markets that benefit consumers and producers alike. Moreover, this knowledge can guide policymakers in creating effective regulations and incentives for a sustainable energy transition. Ultimately, this research opens the door to a future where renewable energy plays a central role in our energy mix, driving us closer to a greener and more economically viable energy landscape.

Dr Antonio Scala
CNR Institute for Complex Systems

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This page is a summary of: Green Power Grids: How Energy from Renewable Sources Affects Networks and Markets, PLoS ONE, September 2015, PLOS,
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0135312.
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