Comparison of measures of morphosyntactic complexity in French-speaking school-aged children

Catherine Mimeau, Vickie Plourde, Andrée-Anne Ouellet, Ginette Dionne
  • First Language, March 2015, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.1177/0142723715577320

How to Measure the Complexity of French-Speaking School-Aged Children’s Language

What is it about?

We found that two tools were particularly helpful to measure the language of French-speaking school-aged children. First, one could ask a child to tell a story and then count the mean number of words per sentence the child produced. Second, one could ask a child to define words and then count the proportion of embedded verbs the child produced.

Why is it important?

Practitioners and researchers who wish to measure the language of French-speaking school-aged children are often left wondering which tools to use. Our findings can guide them in their measurement decisions.


Dr Catherine Mimeau (Author)
Universite Laval

This is the first article of my Ph.D. thesis and the first article I have ever published. This research is what got me interested in the structure of language.

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