Talent and student private rented sector bottlenecks: a preliminary UK investigation

Simon Huston, Arvydas Jadevicius, Negin Minaei
  • Property Management, June 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/pm-09-2014-0039

Student rented accommodation problems and implications

What is it about?

In the fragmented UK rentier economy, the Private Rented Sector has exploded but the quality of many of these dwellings, red tape, short-term tenancies and unscrupulous agents and landlords undermine the dignity of leasehold tenure and ultimately drive talent away reducing productivity, competitiveness community cohesion. Time for reform. Article investigates student accommodation problems, extent, causes and wider repercussions for talent, innovation and global competitiveness.

Why is it important?

For many landlords and agents, the UK private rented sector is lucrative yet it is widely perceived as dysfunctional by many student end-users and has adverse long-term national repercussions. Investment, reform and tighter oversight could address malaise and institutional complacency.


Dr Simon Hugh Huston
Coventry University

In tight housing markets, students across the country can suffer from rogue landlords, dilapidated buildings or indifferent / inept agents. This research investigates the extent, nature and causes of the student rental problem. Potential solutions could involve REIT investment, legislative reform, tighter oversight, vice chancellor leadership or planning collaboration.

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