Marketing in a postmodern world

  • A. Fuat Firat, Nikhilesh Dholakia, Alladi Venkatesh
  • European Journal of Marketing, January 1995, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/03090569510075334

Postmodernism and marketing

What is it about?

The idea of postmodernism -- especially as an epochal moment that represents the impending eclipse of high modernity, and the possibilities of new directions -- has influenced art, architecture, literature and more; and started influencing marketing from the 1980s. This is a pioneering look at the impacts of postmodern tendencies on marketing practices and theories. Companion works of Fuat Firat, Alladi Venkatesh and John Sherry are also very relevant for those interested in this article.

Why is it important?

This early and pioneering look at postmodernism and marketing has had substantial impacts on the field. A very significant follow-on work is the Journal of Consumer Research article on postmodernism by Firat and Venkatesh. This EJM early article along with follow-on works on postmodernism by Firat and Venkatesh and by Firat and Dholakia, taken together, can be regarded as the major window through which postmodernity and marketing could be understood jointly and dialectically.


Dr Nikhilesh Dholakia
University of Rhode Island

Much water has flown in the rivers of modernity, postmodernity, and transmodernity since this was published. Yet, in retrospect, we (the authors and some of our colleagues) keep finding the ideas in this piece still fresh and relevant... and we are now trying to extend these to cognate conceptual fields such as organizations, supply and value chains, work life, and creative endeavors.

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