What is it about?

In this paper a new and innovative solid-liquid extraction technology is showed, based on a new solid-liquid extractive process: Naviglio's Principle. In conventional solid-liquid extractive processes the extraction happens because of diffusion and osmosis phenomena, that make process passive. Extractor Naviglio allows to perform extraction by applying a difference of pressure between the inside and the outside of solid matrix to be extracted; this makes the extractive phenomenon an active process. The advantages are rapidity of overall process, high quality extracts, extraction at room temperature and high reproducibility of extracts (standardized extracts).

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Why is it important?

This new technology is important because it is a valid alternative to conventional techniques of maceration, percolation and Soxhlet. By using Extractor Naviglio times of extractive process are reduced (from several days to few hours). Moreover extraction happens at room temperature and so active principles are not degraded. Finally liquid extracts obtained are high quality extracts and reproducibility of extraction is guaranteed.


My perspective is that Extractor Naviglio can contribute to ameliorate all solid-liquid extraction processes giving possibility to obtain better extracts in the field of beverage technology, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, and so on.

Prof. Daniele Naviglio
University of Naples Federico II

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This page is a summary of: Naviglio's Principle and Presentation of an Innovative Solid–Liquid Extraction Technology: Extractor Naviglio®, Analytical Letters, January 2003, Taylor & Francis,
DOI: 10.1081/al-120021555.
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