Location, Location, Location: The Impact of Organisational Structure on Library and Information Studies Programmes

Anne Goulding, Brenda Chawner, Jennifer Campbell-Meier, Philip Calvert, Chern Li Liew
  • Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association, June 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/24750158.2018.1479829

The placement of Library and Information Studies within universities.

What is it about?

Our paper looks at where staff teaching Library and Information Studies are located within universities - whether they are in standalone departments or whether they are within larger schools or faculties. We discuss what the different arrangements mean for our subject.

Why is it important?

The placement of Library and Information Studies can tell us something about how our subject is viewed within the university and how it is understood. Is it considered a technical subject, for example? There have been a lot of changes in Library and Information Studies - is this reflected in our management within the university?


Professor Anne Goulding
Victoria University of Wellington

This paper is a collaborative publication with colleagues teaching Library and Information Studies. We had many interesting discussions when planning, researching and writing the paper. The process has given us a shared view of our situation and has given us ideas to take forward in how we represent our subject as an academic discipline.

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