Work-life balance of professional quantity surveyors engaged in the construction industry

P. Panojan, B. A. K. S. Perera, R. Dilakshan
  • International Journal of Construction Management, August 2019, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/15623599.2019.1644759

Work-life balance of Quantity Surveying Professionals.

What is it about?

Construction industry is the major contributor to the economic development of a country where it always deal with risks and uncertainties. Quantity Surveyors are the key professionals who should work with different professionals and financial entities and deal with construction time, cost and quality. The ability of individuals to combine work, non-work responsibilities, aspirations and activities is called as work-life balance.

Why is it important?

Since most of the Quantity Surveyors working in the private organisations they are facing more challenges while balancing their personal and professional life compare to Quantity Surveyors who are working in public organisations. This article also limited to Quantity Surveyors in private organisations, therefore this article will help to them.


Mr Pavalakanthan Panojan
University of Moratuwa

I am confident that this article will help to Quantity Surveyors to kick out their issues in balancing their work-life. Writing this part of work also helps to me also once I entered in to professional field after completion of my studies. Solutions to each problems derived from construction specialists with different level of experiences.

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