A case of multiple oppressions: women’s career opportunities in Malaysian SME accounting firms

Sujana Adapa, Alison Sheridan
  • The International Journal of Human Resource Management, March 2019, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/09585192.2019.1583269

Women's careers in Malaysian SME accounting firms

What is it about?

The majority of women working in Malaysian accounting firms are found in SMEs. This paper provides insights into the barriers they still face in gaining senior positions within these firms, despite their qualifications.

Why is it important?

From a practical perspective, this research is important as it is addressing the experience of women in SME accounting firms in a cultural context, Malaysia, which has received almost no attention to this point, and indicates some actions which may be taken at the firm and professional association level.


Alison Sheridan
University of New England

This paper is part of wider project Sujana Adapa and I have been working on in seeking to understand how the the local context in which women work in accounting firms impacts their opportunities. We have found that while there are certain cultural characteristics that are unique to each country, the same outcomes occur. Women remain under-represented in senior roles. Hearing the participants' stories in each context and mapping the similarities of women's experiences in these different cultural contexts, as well as the differences, has been a fascinating journey.

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