1. Article
    Internal energy distributions of BeH, BeD, and BeT molecules created during chemically assisted physical sputtering in JET tokamak plasma
  2. Article
    Nano-structuring of magnetic Heusler compounds
  3. Article
    Holographic light patterning for functional bio-imaging
  4. Article
    Intramolecular charge transfer for optical applications
  5. Article
    The optimum path to commercial fusion power
  6. Article
    High-Performance Light Localization in Few-Cell Moiré Superlattices
  7. Article
    What can we learn by studying the exhaust of a plasma thruster?
  8. Article
    Co-firing Boiler with Palm Kernel Shell and Coal
  9. Article
    Radiationless decay spectrum of O 1s double core holes in liquid water
  10. Article
    Machine learning approach to detect dynamical states of nonlinear time series
  11. Article
    Changes in Hematological and Biochemical Parameters among Women with Types of Breast Tumor in Iraq
  12. Article
    Shaping Spin Behavior: Interfering Light Alter Magnetization Dynamics
  13. Article
    Using Quantum Sensors to Measure Flow: How Flow Patterns Affect the Process
  14. Article
    Finding optimal gate locations for injection molded parts
  15. Article
    How big are the eddies in our rivers?
  16. Article
    From Popcorn to Plasma: Better Microwaves to Turn Nuclear Fusion into Reality
  17. Article
    Luminescence of photocatalysts: Anatase type TiO2
  18. Article
    High-speed melt spinning of syndiotactic polystyrene: Effects of molecular weight and copolymerization on structure and properties of as-spun fibers
  19. Article
    renewable power system capacity design
  20. Article
    Climate change and individual responsibility, global awareness drive, entropy pollution audit
  21. Article
    Ultrahigh energy efficiency from a supersonic underwater ultrasound source
  22. Article
    Migration trajectories and blocking effect of the fine particles
  23. Article
    Manufacture of wooden furniture paint using pistachio shell waste
  24. Article
    All-optical measurement of magnetic fields for quantum gas experiments
  25. Article
    Kinetic theory for evaporation of minerals
  26. Article
    Develop practical online learning materials for secondary school students
  27. Article
    Биотехнологический способ повышения качества хлопкового волокна и семян
  28. Article
    Winter Warmth: Solar Heating with Thermoelectric Generators
  29. Article
    Automation in construction of residential and commercial building
  30. Article
    Speeding Up Wavefront Twisting of Light: A New Approach for Studying Chiral Materials
  31. Article
    Routing Information Protocol (RIP) for wired network
  32. Article
    Innovative material can make electron accelerators more efficient
  33. Article
    A New Closure Operator and Continuity
  34. Article
    Topological magnon–polaron transport in a bilayer van der Waals magnet
  35. Article
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Under Dynamic Pulsed Strain
  36. Article
    Conduction mechanism and shallow donor defects in Nb-doped β-Ga2O3 single crystals