Clinical Forum Prologue: Speech Sound Disorders in Schools: Who Qualifies?

Holly L. Storkel
  • Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups, February 2019, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • DOI: 10.1044/2018_pers-sig1-2018-0025

Speech sound disorders in schools: Who qualifies?

What is it about?

Speech-language pathologists face many challenges in deciding which children qualify as having a speech sound disorder needing treatment in public schools. This set of 4 articles tackles different pieces of that challenge: (1) what constitutes a full evaluation of a suspected speech sound? (2) how should developmental norms be used as part of that evaluation? (3) How do we determine that a speech sound disorder has a negative impact on a child?

Why is it important?

Determining who qualifies for services in the schools is a critical judgement, providing ready access to services for some but not others. It is a difficult but crucial decision. This set of articles will provide valuable guidance to clinicians on how to go about making this important decision.


Professor Holly Storkel
University of Kansas

This special set of articles was prompted by numerous conversations (often in online forums) with clinicians struggling to make and justify decisions about who qualifies for speech sound treatment in schools. Hopefully, this set of articles will help provide guidance in addressing this complex decision.

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