1. Article
    Muscle activation near the larynx during a voice therapy exercise
  2. Article
    Age-related deficits in speech recognition are smaller for native compared to nonnative listeners
  3. Article
    The Benefits of Learning Both Spoken and Sign Language for Deaf Children
  4. Article
    Audiologist-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for misophonia, hyperacusis and tinnitus.
  5. Article
    Confronting Taboo Topics in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  6. Article
    Reliability and Validity of theTurkish Version of the Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale for Adults
  7. Article
    Attitude of Speech-Language Pathology Students and Specialists Toward People Who Stutter
  8. Article
    Mapping Children's Speech Understanding from Different Directions
  9. Article
    How to ensure that more children with repaired cleft palates receive quality speech therapy
  10. Article
    Finding relevant items that measure communicative participation in children and adolescents.
  11. Article
    Speech production can be tuned by proper sensory information without making any speech movement.
  12. Article
    Mean Length of Utterance in Czech Toddlers: Validity Estimates and Comparison of Words, Morphemes, and Syllables
  13. Article
    A quality of life instrument for people with hearing loss is translated into German
  14. Article
    Development of a Digital Speech Assessment Instrument
  15. Article
    Does evaluating ability to learn reduce linguistic and experiential bias in word reading assessment?
  16. Article
    Educational perspectives about Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids
  17. Article
    Understanding How We Speak: The Role of Jaw, Tongue tip, and Lips
  18. Article
    Parents' views of their children's use of eye gaze technology for communication and participation
  19. Article
    How to design a speech-language pathology undergraduate module on stuttering and cluttering.
  20. Article
    Increasing therapeutic alliance within speech and language therapy
  21. Article
    Morphological Interventions to Support Literacy From Kindergarten to Grade 12
  22. Article
    Adjusting professional language to align with stuttering-affirming therapy
  23. Article
    Military Hearing Preservation: Exploring Strategies
  24. Article
    A patient reported outcomes measure of barriers in communication for a gender diverse individual
  25. Article
    Swift Prosodic Modulation of Lexical Access: Brain Potentials From Three North Germanic Language Varieties
  26. Article
    Proactive Strategies for Breaking Barriers: Advancing Justice Initiatives in Speech-Language Pathology for Diverse Populations in Voice Management and Upper Airway Disorders
  27. Article
    Validity and Reliability Study of the Turkish Version of Focus on the Outcomes of Communication Under Six–34
  28. Article
    Measuring Linguistic Growth in Sentence-Level Writing Curriculum-Based Measures: Exploring Complementary Scoring Methods
  29. Article
    Getting students involved in their IEP
  30. Article
    Middle Managers are well positioned to bridge the research-practice gap
  31. Article
    Review of treatment approaches for respiratory and laryngeal function in neurodegenerative diseases
  32. Article
    Using a simulated escape room to increase student confidence in aphasia
  33. Article
    Automatic methods for scoring the complexity of people's language
  34. Article
    Ecosystemic Clinical Assessment of SSDs in multilingual/dialectal speakers: A Tutorial
  35. Article
    What’s new in ototoxicity?
  36. Article
    Treating cough problems non-pharmacologically