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Until now, characterization of translational diffusion in live cells has almost exclusively relied on measurements of constant translational diffusion coefficients. In live cells there is some evidence that the apparent translational diffusion coefficients may not be constant, but instead can vary over time, even for inert molecules. See: Baumann G, Kinjo M, Földes-Papp Z*. Anomalous Subdiffusive Measurements by Fluorescence Correlations Spectroscopy and Simulations of Translational Diffusive Behavior in Live Cells. J Biol Methods 2014;1(1):e3. doi: 10.14440/jbm.2014.17


Separation of the spatial subdiffusion from the temporal subdiffusion: https://www.growkudos.com/publications/10.14440%252Fjbm.2014.17/reader

Professor Zeno Földes-Papp [Biochemist, Gerontologist (Biochemiker, Geriater)]: Single-Molecule Biophysics & Biochemistry Based On the Stochastic Nature of Diffusion. -- I hope that my humble scientific work will be well received by the communities of single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy and by all users of these technologies as well as biotechnologies in the various and different disciplines:
Head of Geriatric Medicine (Medical Director of the Geriatric Service: Sektionsleitung Geriatrie) at Asklepios Klinikum Lindau (Bodensee), Bavaria, Germany

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This page is a summary of: Mobility and distribution of replication protein A in living cells using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Experimental and Molecular Pathology, April 2007, Elsevier, DOI: 10.1016/j.yexmp.2006.12.008.
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