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Optimization of reactive power dispatch (ORPD) problem is a key factor for stable and secure operation of the electric power systems. In this paper, a newly explored nature-inspired optimization through artificial ecosystem optimization (AEO) algorithm is proposed to cope with ORPD problem in large-scale and practical power systems. ORPD is a well-known highly complex combinatorial optimization task with nonlinear characteristics, and its complexity increases as a number of decision variables increase, which makes it hard to be solved using conventional optimization techniques. However, it can be efficiently resolved by using nature-inspired optimization algorithms. AEO algorithm is a recently invented optimizer inspired by the energy flocking behavior in a natural ecosystem including non-living elements such as sunlight, water, and air. The main merit of this optimizer is its high flexibility that leads to achieve accurate balance between exploration and exploitation abilities. Another attractive property of AEO is that it does not have specific control parameters to be adjusted. In this work, three-objective version of ORPD problem is considered involving active power losses minimization and voltage deviation and voltage stability index. The proposed optimizer was examined on medium- and large-scale IEEE test systems, including 30 bus, 118 bus, 300 bus and Algerian electricity grid DZA 114 bus (220/60 kV). The results of AEO algorithm are compared with well-known existing optimization techniques. Also, the results of comparison show that the proposed algorithm performs better than other algorithms for all examined power systems. Consequently, we confirm the effectiveness of the introducing AEO algorithm to relieve the over losses problem, enhance power system performance, and meet solutions feasibility. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) has been employed to evaluate the performance and consistency of the proposed AEO algorithm in solving ORPD problem.

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Application on the practical power system and large-scale test system

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This page is a summary of: Novel design of artificial ecosystem optimizer for large-scale optimal reactive power dispatch problem with application to Algerian electricity grid, Neural Computing and Applications, November 2020, Springer Science + Business Media,
DOI: 10.1007/s00521-020-05496-0.
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