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  1. Weighted differential evolution heuristics for improved multilayer piezoelectric transducer design
  2. FMNSICS: Fractional Meyer neuro-swarm intelligent computing solver for nonlinear fractional Lane–Emden systems
  3. Design of evolutionary cubic spline intelligent solver for nonlinear Painlevé-I transcendent
  4. Integrated intelligence of neuro-evolution with sequential quadratic programming for second-order Lane–Emden pantograph models
  5. Design of evolutionary finite difference solver for numerical treatment of computer virus propagation with countermeasures model
  6. Intelligent numerical computing paradigm for heat transfer effects in a Bodewadt flow
  7. Stochastic numerical computing with Levenberg-Marquardt backpropagation for performance analysis of heat Sink of functionally graded material of the porous fin
  8. Neuro-swarm intelligent computing paradigm for nonlinear HIV infection model with CD4+ T-cells
  9. Intelligent computing technique based supervised learning for squeezing flow model
  10. Numerical Study of the Environmental and Economic System through the Computational Heuristic Based on Artificial Neural Networks
  11. Artificial Neural Networks to Solve the Singular Model with Neumann–Robin, Dirichlet and Neumann Boundary Conditions
  12. Supervised Learning Algorithm to Study the Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of a Third Grade Fluid for the Analysis of Wire Coating
  13. MISGD: Moving-Information-Based Stochastic Gradient Descent Paradigm for Personalized Fuzzy Recommender Systems
  14. MHD Boundary Layer Flow over a Stretching Sheet: A New Stochastic Method
  15. Soft Computing Paradigms to Find the Numerical Solutions of a Nonlinear Influenza Disease Model
  16. Fractional Dynamics of Stuxnet Virus Propagation in Industrial Control Systems
  17. State Estimation of an Underwater Markov Chain Maneuvering Target Using Intelligent Computing
  18. Intelligent Backpropagation Networks with Bayesian Regularization for Mathematical Models of Environmental Economic Systems
  19. Role of Agricultural Diversification in Improving Resilience to Climate Change: An Empirical Analysis with Gaussian Paradigm
  20. Applications of Gudermannian neural network for solving the SITR fractal system
  21. Cattaneo-christov heat flux model of 3D hall current involving biconvection nanofluidic flow with Darcy-Forchheimer law effect: Backpropagation neural networks approach
  22. Neuro-computing networks for entropy generation under the influence of MHD and thermal radiation
  23. Numerical analysis of 3-D MHD hybrid nanofluid over a rotational disk in presence of thermal radiation with Joule heating and viscous dissipation effects using Lobatto IIIA technique
  24. Solution of novel multi-fractional multi-singular Lane–Emden model using the designed FMNEICS
  25. Design of Spline–Evolutionary Computing Paradigm for Nonlinear Thin Film Flow Model
  26. Neuro-evolution computing for nonlinear multi-singular system of third order Emden–Fowler equation
  27. Optimization through the Levenberg—Marquardt Backpropagation Method for a Magnetohydrodynamic Squeezing Flow System
  28. Design of Backpropagated Intelligent Networks for Nonlinear Second-Order Lane–Emden Pantograph Delay Differential Systems
  29. Computational intelligence approach using Levenberg–Marquardt backpropagation neural networks to solve the fourth-order nonlinear system of Emden–Fowler model
  30. Design of moth flame optimization heuristics for integrated power plant system containing stochastic wind
  31. A novel study of Morlet neural networks to solve the nonlinear HIV infection system of latently infected cells
  32. Design of intelligent computing networks for numerical treatment of thin film flow of Maxwell nanofluid over a stretched and rotating surface
  33. Integrated neuro-swarm heuristic with interior-point for nonlinear SITR model for dynamics of novel COVID-19
  34. Evolutionary Integrated Heuristic with Gudermannian Neural Networks for Second Kind of Lane–Emden Nonlinear Singular Models
  35. A neuro-swarming intelligent heuristic for second-order nonlinear Lane–Emden multi-pantograph delay differential system
  36. Design of multi innovation fractional LMS algorithm for parameter estimation of input nonlinear control autoregressive systems
  37. Design of Nonlinear Autoregressive Exogenous Model Based Intelligence Computing for Efficient State Estimation of Underwater Passive Target
  38. Intelligent computing through neural networks for numerical treatment of non-Newtonian wire coating analysis model
  39. Computational Intelligent Paradigms to Solve the Nonlinear SIR System for Spreading Infection and Treatment Using Levenberg–Marquardt Backpropagation
  40. Numerical Treatment for Dynamics of Second Law Analysis and Magnetic Induction Effects on Ciliary Induced Peristaltic Transport of Hybrid Nanomaterial
  41. Heat Transfer in Nanomaterial Suspension (CuO and Al2O3) Using KKL Model
  42. Neuro-intelligent networks for Bouc–Wen hysteresis model for piezostage actuator
  43. A novel design of fractional Meyer wavelet neural networks with application to the nonlinear singular fractional Lane-Emden systems
  44. A stochastic numerical analysis based on hybrid NAR-RBFs networks nonlinear SITR model for novel COVID-19 dynamics
  45. Intelligent networks for crosswise stream nanofluidic model with Cu–H2O over porous stretching medium
  46. Computational intelligence of Levenberg-Marquardt backpropagation neural networks to study the dynamics of expanding/contracting cylinder for Cross magneto-nanofluid flow model
  47. Design of evolutionary optimized finite difference based numerical computing for dust density model of nonlinear Van-der Pol Mathieu’s oscillatory systems
  48. A novel application of Lobatto IIIA solver for numerical treatment of mixed convection nanofluidic model
  49. Effects of Variable Transport Properties on Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Bioconvective Nanofluid Rheology with Gyrotactic Microorganisms: Numerical Approach
  50. Evolutionary computing for nonlinear singular boundary value problems using neural network, genetic algorithm and active-set algorithm
  51. Fractional LMS and NLMS Algorithms for Line Echo Cancellation
  52. Design of fractional evolutionary processing for reactive power planning with FACTS devices
  53. Analysis of Williamson nanofluid with velocity and thermal slips past over a stretching sheet by Lobatto IIIA numerically
  54. Analytical Treatment for the Dynamics of Second Law Analysis of Jeffery Nanofluid with Convective Heat and Mass Conditions
  55. Application of Shannon Entropy Implementation Into a Novel Fractional Particle Swarm Optimization Gravitational Search Algorithm (FPSOGSA) for Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problem
  56. Flower Pollination Heuristics for Nonlinear Active Noise Control Systems
  57. Flower Pollination Heuristics for Parameter Estimation of Electromagnetic Plane Waves
  58. Intelligent computing for the dynamics of fluidic system of electrically conducting Ag/Cu nanoparticles with mixed convection for hydrogen possessions
  59. Numerical Solutions of a Novel Designed Prevention Class in the HIV Nonlinear Model
  60. Performance Analysis of Efficient Computing Techniques for Direction of Arrival Estimation of Underwater Multi Targets
  61. Rheology of hydro-magnetic polymeric material with heat generation/absorption and chemical reaction
  62. A stochastic numerical computing heuristic of SIR nonlinear model based on dengue fever
  63. Heuristic computing technique for numerical solutions of nonlinear fourth order Emden–Fowler equation
  64. Integrated meta-heuristics finite difference method for the dynamics of nonlinear unipolar electrohydrodynamic pump flow model
  65. Integrated neuro‐evolution heuristic with sequential quadratic programming for second‐order prediction differential models
  66. Novel design of artificial ecosystem optimizer for large-scale optimal reactive power dispatch problem with application to Algerian electricity grid
  67. Effects of Gyro-Tactic Organisms in Bio-convective Nano-material with Heat Immersion, Stratification, and Viscous Dissipation
  68. Design of neural network based intelligent computing for neumerical treatment of unsteady 3D flow of Eyring-Powell magneto-nanofluidic model
  69. Intelligent computing with Levenberg–Marquardt artificial neural networks for nonlinear system of COVID-19 epidemic model for future generation disease control
  70. Solution of optimal reactive power dispatch with FACTS devices: A survey
  71. Integrated intelligent computing with neuro-swarming solver for multi-singular fourth-order nonlinear Emden–Fowler equation
  72. Numerical investigation for rotating flow of MHD hybrid nanofluid with thermal radiation over a stretching sheet
  73. FMNEICS: fractional Meyer neuro-evolution-based intelligent computing solver for doubly singular multi-fractional order Lane–Emden system
  74. A Stochastic Intelligent Computing with Neuro-Evolution Heuristics for Nonlinear SITR System of Novel COVID-19 Dynamics
  75. A New Fractional Particle Swarm Optimization with Entropy Diversity Based Velocity for Reactive Power Planning
  76. Design of a hybrid NAR-RBFs neural network for nonlinear dusty plasma system
  77. Integrated neuro-evolution-based computing solver for dynamics of nonlinear corneal shape model numerically
  78. Performance Analysis of Bayesian Filtering and Smoothing Algorithms for Underwater Passive Target Tracking
  79. A New Computing Paradigm for Off-Grid Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Compressive Sensing
  80. A Neuro-Swarming Intelligence-Based Computing for Second Order Singular Periodic Non-linear Boundary Value Problems
  81. Integrated intelligent computing paradigm for nonlinear multi-singular third-order Emden–Fowler equation
  82. Investigation of singular ordinary differential equations by a neuroevolutionary approach
  83. Integrated Swarming Computing Paradigm for Efficient Estimation of Channel Parameters in MIMO System
  84. Numerical Computing Paradigm for Investigation of Micropolar Nanofluid Flow Between Parallel Plates System with Impact of Electrical MHD and Hall Current
  85. A stochastic computational intelligent solver for numerical treatment of mosquito dispersal model in a heterogeneous environment
  86. Neuro-swarm intelligent computing to solve the second-order singular functional differential model
  87. Numerical treatment with Lobatto IIIA technique for radiative flow of MHD hybrid nanofluid (Al2O3—Cu/H2O) over a convectively heated stretchable rotating disk with velocity slip effects
  88. Heat transfer analysis of biological nanofluid flow through ductus efferentes
  89. Numerical treatment for three-dimensional rotating flow of carbon nanotubes with Darcy–Forchheimer medium by the Lobatto IIIA technique
  90. Design of meta-heuristic computing paradigms for Hammerstein identification systems in electrically stimulated muscle models
  91. A new heuristic computational solver for nonlinear singular Thomas–Fermi system using evolutionary optimized cubic splines
  92. Design of backtracking search optimization paradigm for joint amplitude-angle measurement of sources lying in fraunhofer zone
  93. Fractional-order particle swarm based multi-objective PWR core loading pattern optimization
  94. Design of Neural Network With Levenberg-Marquardt and Bayesian Regularization Backpropagation for Solving Pantograph Delay Differential Equations
  95. A numerical approach for two-dimensional Sutterby fluid flow bounded at a stagnation point with an inclined magnetic field and thermal radiation impacts
  96. A Levenberg–Marquardt Backpropagation Neural Network for the Numerical Treatment of Squeezing Flow With Heat Transfer Model
  97. A Robust Multi Sample Compressive Sensing Technique for DOA Estimation Using Sparse Antenna Array
  98. Design of Fractional Particle Swarm Optimization Gravitational Search Algorithm for Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Problems
  99. Design of Fractional Swarm Intelligent Computing With Entropy Evolution for Optimal Power Flow Problems
  100. Numerical computing paradigms for the dynamics of squeezing rheology of third grade fluid
  101. Design of fractional swarming strategy for solution of optimal reactive power dispatch
  102. Application of Spherical-Radial Cubature Bayesian Filtering and Smoothing in Bearings Only Passive Target Tracking
  103. Backtracking search heuristics for identification of electrical muscle stimulation models using Hammerstein structure
  104. Design of a mathematical model for the Stuxnet virus in a network of critical control infrastructure
  105. Integrated computational intelligent paradigm for nonlinear electric circuit models using neural networks, genetic algorithms and sequential quadratic programming
  106. Novel Computational Heuristics for Wireless Parameters Estimation in Bistatic Radar systems
  107. Design of normalized fractional SGD computing paradigm for recommender systems
  108. Differential evolution based computation intelligence solver for elliptic partial differential equations
  109. Convergence Analysis of Unscented Transform for Underwater Passive Target Tracking in Noisy Environment
  110. A Novel Design of Three-Dimensional MHD Flow of Second-Grade Fluid past a Porous Plate
  111. A novel application of breadth first algorithm for achieving collision free memory mapping
  112. A novel application of kernel adaptive filtering algorithms for attenuation of noise interferences
  113. Analysis of MHD and heat transfer effects with variable viscosity through ductus efferentes
  114. Backtracking search optimization heuristics for nonlinear Hammerstein controlled auto regressive auto regressive systems
  115. Design of momentum fractional LMS for Hammerstein nonlinear system identification with application to electrically stimulated muscle model
  116. Backtracking Search Optimization Paradigm for Pattern Correction of Faulty Antenna Array in Wireless Mobile Communications
  117. Study of Algorithms for Wind Direction Retrieval from X-Band Marine Radar Images
  118. Hybrid Bio-Inspired Computational Heuristic Paradigm for Integrated Load Dispatch Problems involving Stochastic Wind
  119. Intelligent computing for numerical treatment of nonlinear prey–predator models
  120. MHD and heat transfer analyses of a fluid flow through scraped surface heat exchanger by analytical solver
  121. Novel computing paradigms for parameter estimation in Hammerstein controlled auto regressive auto regressive moving average systems
  122. A Computational Analysis of Two-Phase Casson Nanofluid Passing a Stretching Sheet Using Chemical Reactions and Gyrotactic Microorganisms
  123. Integrated intelligent computing paradigm for the dynamics of micropolar fluid flow with heat transfer in a permeable walled channel
  124. A new computing paradigm for the optimization of parameters in adaptive beamforming using fractional processing
  125. Design of computational intelligent procedure for thermal analysis of porous fin model
  126. Numerical Treatment for Darcy-Forchheimer Flow of Sisko Nanomaterial with Nonlinear Thermal Radiation by Lobatto IIIA Technique
  127. Numerical Treatment for the Three-Dimensional Eyring-Powell Fluid Flow over a Stretching Sheet with Velocity Slip and Activation Energy
  128. Numerical treatment for fluidic system of activation energy with non-linear mixed convective and radiative flow of magneto nanomaterials with Navier’s velocity slip
  129. Novel applications of intelligent computing paradigms for the analysis of nonlinear reactive transport model of the fluid in soft tissues and microvessels
  130. Integrated intelligent computing for heat transfer and thermal radiation-based two-phase MHD nanofluid flow model
  131. A novel application of fireworks heuristic paradigms for reliable treatment of nonlinear active noise control
  132. Design of cascade artificial neural networks optimized with the memetic computing paradigm for solving the nonlinear Bratu system
  133. Normalized fractional adaptive methods for nonlinear control autoregressive systems
  134. Expedite homotopy perturbation method based on metaheuristic technique mimicked by the flashing behavior of fireflies
  135. Backtracking search integrated with sequential quadratic programming for nonlinear active noise control systems
  136. Bio-inspired computational heuristics for Sisko fluid flow and heat transfer models
  137. Design of neuro-computing paradigms for nonlinear nanofluidic systems of MHD Jeffery–Hamel flow
  138. A new stochastic computing paradigm for the dynamics of nonlinear singular heat conduction model of the human head
  139. Design of Epidemic Computer Virus Model with Effect of Quarantine in the Presence of Immunity
  140. A new stochastic computing paradigm for nonlinear Painlevé II systems in applications of random matrix theory
  141. Dynamical analysis for nanofluid slip rheology with thermal radiation, heat generation/absorption and convective wall properties
  142. Parameter estimation for Hammerstein control autoregressive systems using differential evolution
  143. Intelligent computing to analyze the dynamics of Magnetohydrodynamic flow over stretchable rotating disk model
  144. Numerical treatment for hydro-magnetic unsteady channel flow of nanofluid with heat transfer
  145. Neuro-evolutionary computing paradigm for Painlevé equation-II in nonlinear optics
  146. Neuro-heuristics for nonlinear singular Thomas-Fermi systems
  147. Nature-inspired heuristic paradigms for parameter estimation of control autoregressive moving average systems
  148. Hydromagnetic mixed convective flow over a wall with variable thickness and Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model: OHAM analysis
  149. Design of normalized fractional adaptive algorithms for parameter estimation of control autoregressive autoregressive systems
  150. Fractional-order algorithms for tracking Rayleigh fading channels
  151. Fractional Volterra LMS algorithm with application to Hammerstein control autoregressive model identification
  152. Bio-inspired computational heuristics to study models of HIV infection of CD4+ T-cell
  153. Bio-inspired heuristics hybrid with interior-point method for active noise control systems without identification of secondary path
  154. Bio-inspired heuristics for layer thickness optimization in multilayer piezoelectric transducer for broadband structures
  155. Wavelets optimization method for evaluation of fractional partial differential equations: an application to financial modelling
  156. Novel application of FO-DPSO for 2-D parameter estimation of electromagnetic plane waves
  157. Design of neuro-evolutionary model for solving nonlinear singularly perturbed boundary value problems
  158. Design of momentum LMS algorithm for control autoregressive autoregressive systems
  159. Intelligent computing for Mathieu’s systems for parameter excitation, vertically driven pendulum and dusty plasma models
  160. Numerical simulation for Jeffery-Hamel flow and heat transfer of micropolar fluid based on differential evolution algorithm
  161. A heuristic optimization method of fractional convection reaction: An application to diffusion process
  162. Intelligent computing strategy to analyze the dynamics of convective heat transfer in MHD slip flow over stretching surface involving carbon nanotubes
  163. Design of hybrid nature-inspired heuristics with application to active noise control systems
  164. Modified Volterra LMS algorithm to fractional order for identification of Hammerstein non-linear system
  165. Unsteady Rheology of MHD Newtonian Material with Soret and Dufours Effects
  166. Numerical treatment of nonlinear singular Flierl–Petviashivili systems using neural networks models
  167. Bio-inspired computational heuristics to study the boundary layer flow of the Falkner-Scan system with mass transfer and wall stretching
  168. Intelligent computing approach to analyze the dynamics of wire coating with Oldroyd 8-constant fluid
  169. A genetic algorithm optimized Morlet wavelet artificial neural network to study the dynamics of nonlinear Troesch’s system
  170. Numerical solution of doubly singular nonlinear systems using neural networks-based integrated intelligent computing
  171. Design of Bio-inspired Heuristic Techniques Hybridized with Sequential Quadratic Programming for Joint Parameters Estimation of Electromagnetic Plane Waves
  172. Bio-inspired heuristics hybrid with sequential quadratic programming and interior-point methods for reliable treatment of economic load dispatch problem
  173. A new computing approach for power signal modeling using fractional adaptive algorithms
  174. Heuristic computational intelligence approach to solve nonlinear multiple singularity problem of sixth Painlev́e equation
  175. Fractional neural network models for nonlinear Riccati systems
  176. Neuro-heuristic computational intelligence for solving nonlinear pantograph systems
  177. Intelligent computing approach to solve the nonlinear Van der Pol system for heartbeat model
  178. Design of reduced search space strategy based on integration of Nelder–Mead method and pattern search algorithm with application to economic load dispatch problem
  179. Design of bio-inspired heuristic technique integrated with interior-point algorithm to analyze the dynamics of heartbeat model
  180. Design of unsupervised fractional neural network model optimized with interior point algorithm for solving Bagley–Torvik equation
  181. Intelligent and robust prediction of short term wind power using genetic programming based ensemble of neural networks
  182. Study of epidemiological based dynamic model of computer viruses for sustainable safeguard against threat propagations
  183. An intelligent computing technique to analyze the vibrational dynamics of rotating electrical machine
  184. Design of Mexican Hat Wavelet neural networks for solving Bratu type nonlinear systems
  185. Integrated Nutrient Management of Safflower (<i>Carthamus tinctorius</i> L.) under Rainfed Conditions
  186. Design of fractional-order variants of complex LMS and NLMS algorithms for adaptive channel equalization
  187. Computational intelligence methodology for the analysis of RC circuit modelled with nonlinear differential order system
  188. Design of momentum LMS adaptive strategy for parameter estimation of Hammerstein controlled autoregressive systems
  189. Memetic computing through bio-inspired heuristics integration with sequential quadratic programming for nonlinear systems arising in different physical models
  190. Bio-inspired computational heuristics for parameter estimation of nonlinear Hammerstein controlled autoregressive system
  191. Bio-inspired computational heuristics to study Lane–Emden systems arising in astrophysics model
  192. A sliding-window approximation-based fractional adaptive strategy for Hammerstein nonlinear ARMAX systems
  193. Intelligent computing to solve fifth-order boundary value problem arising in induction motor models
  194. A new numerical approach to solve Thomas–Fermi model of an atom using bio-inspired heuristics integrated with sequential quadratic programming
  195. Design of artificial neural network models optimized with sequential quadratic programming to study the dynamics of nonlinear Troesch’s problem arising in plasma physics
  196. Novel generalization of Volterra LMS algorithm to fractional order with application to system identification
  197. Nature-inspired computational intelligence integration with Nelder–Mead method to solve nonlinear benchmark models
  198. Neural network methods to solve the Lane–Emden type equations arising in thermodynamic studies of the spherical gas cloud model
  199. MHD Stagnation Point Flow of Nanofluids Over an Off Centered Rotating Disk in a Porous Medium via Haar Wavelet
  200. Bio-inspired computing platform for reliable solution of Bratu-type equations arising in the modeling of electrically conducting solids
  201. Design of bio-inspired computing technique for nanofluidics based on nonlinear Jeffery–Hamel flow equations
  202. Fractional-order adaptive signal processing strategies for active noise control systems
  203. Design of bio-inspired computational intelligence technique for solving steady thin film flow of Johnson–Segalman fluid on vertical cylinder for drainage problems
  204. Biologically inspired computing framework for solving two-point boundary value problems using differential evolution
  205. A Neural Computational Intelligence Method Based on Legendre Polynomials for Fuzzy Fractional Order Differential Equation
  206. Stochastic numerical solver for nanofluidic problems containing multi-walled carbon nanotubes
  207. Reliable numerical treatment of nonlinear singular Flierl–Petviashivili equations for unbounded domain using ANN, GAs, and SQP
  208. Unsupervised neural network model optimized with evolutionary computations for solving variants of nonlinear MHD Jeffery-Hamel problem
  209. Design of fractional adaptive strategy for input nonlinear Box–Jenkins systems
  210. Nature-inspired computing approach for solving non-linear singular Emden–Fowler problem arising in electromagnetic theory
  211. Design of modified fractional adaptive strategies for Hammerstein nonlinear control autoregressive systems
  212. Fractional processing-based active noise control algorithm for impulsive noise
  213. An efficient computational intelligence approach for solving fractional order Riccati equations using ANN and SQP
  214. Stochastic numerical treatment for thin film flow of third grade fluid using unsupervised neural networks
  215. Design and application of nature inspired computing approach for nonlinear stiff oscillatory problems
  216. A new adaptive strategy to improve online secondary path modeling in active noise control systems using fractional signal processing approach
  217. Two-stage fractional least mean square identification algorithm for parameter estimation of CARMA systems
  218. Exactly satisfying initial conditions neural network models for numerical treatment of first Painlevé equation
  219. Comparison of three unsupervised neural network models for first Painlevé Transcendent
  220. Adaptive strategies for parameter estimation of Box–Jenkins systems
  221. Numerical treatment for boundary value problems of Pantograph functional differential equation using computational intelligence algorithms
  222. Identification of Hammerstein nonlinear ARMAX systems using nonlinear adaptive algorithms
  223. Stochastic numerical treatment for solving Troesch’s problem
  224. Design of stochastic solvers based on genetic algorithms for solving nonlinear equations
  225. Solution of the 2-dimensional Bratu problem using neural network, swarm intelligence and sequential quadratic programming
  226. Fractional normalised filtered-error least mean squares algorithm for application in active noise control systems
  227. Application of three unsupervised neural network models to singular nonlinear BVP of transformed 2D Bratu equation
  228. Solution of the one-dimensional Bratu equation arising in the fuel ignition model using ANN optimised with PSO and SQP
  229. Numerical treatment of nonlinear MHD Jeffery–Hamel problems using stochastic algorithms
  230. Unsupervised neural networks for solving Troesch's problem
  231. Numerical treatment for nonlinear MHD Jeffery–Hamel problem using neural networks optimized with interior point algorithm
  232. Numeric treatment of nonlinear second order multi-point boundary value problems using ANN, GAs and sequential quadratic programming technique
  233. Artificial Intelligence based Solver for Governing Model of Radioactivity Cooling, Self-gravitating Clouds and Clusters of Galaxies
  234. Numerical Treatment for Painlevé Equation I Using Neural Networks and Stochastic Solvers
  235. Identification of Input Nonlinear Control Autoregressive Systems Using Fractional Signal Processing Approach
  236. Numerical treatment for solving one-dimensional Bratu problem using neural networks
  237. Neural network optimized with evolutionary computing technique for solving the 2-dimensional Bratu problem
  238. A New Stochastic Technique for Painlevé Equation-I Using Neural Network Optimized with Swarm Intelligence
  240. Novel Approach for a van der Pol Oscillator in the Continuous Time Domain
  241. Numerical treatment of nonlinear Emden–Fowler equation using stochastic technique
  242. Stochastic Computational Approach for Complex Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
  243. Solution of Fractional Order System of Bagley-Torvik Equation Using Evolutionary Computational Intelligence
  244. A new stochastic approach for solution of Riccati differential equation of fractional order
  245. Heuristic computational approach using swarm intelligence in solving fractional differential equations
  246. Evolutionary Computational Intelligence in Solving the Fractional Differential Equations
  247. Swarm Intelligence for the Solution of Problems in Differential Equations