Gas chromatography analysis of major free mono- and disaccharides in milk: Method assessment, validation, and application to real samples

Ilenia Idda, Nadia Spano, Marco Ciulu, Valeria M. Nurchi, Angelo Panzanelli, Maria I. Pilo, Gavino Sanna
  • Journal of Separation Science, November 2016, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1002/jssc.201600583

GC analysis of mono- and disaccharides in milk

What is it about?

Saccharides are functional constituents of milk. Although D-lactose represents almost the totality of the saccharides in the milk, also minor species, like D-glucose, D-galactose, myo-inositol and, as a result of the severe thermal treatments, monosaccharides like D-tagatose, are detectable. Albeit chromatography has been the main analytical approach used for accomplishing this task, quite surprisingly a validated gas-chromatographic method aimed to the simultaneous determination of these compounds is still not present in literature. Hence, our contribution is devoted to fill this gap. After the optimization of clean-up and derivatization steps, the adoption of a recent stationary phase permitted to obtain high resolution and a fast chromatographic run. Validation was accomplished in terms of limit of detection, limit of quantification, linearity, precision and trueness. The accuracy of the method was successfully tested on a number of partially skimmed milk samples. Excellent limits of detection for all analytes make this method eligible, also with respect of a gas-chromatographic/mass spectrometry approach, for routine analysis and quality control in the dairy industries.

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