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  1. Enhancing wear resistance in Al-7075 composites through conventional mixing and casting techniques
  2. Numerical Simulation of the Lubricant-Solid Interface Using the Multigrid Method
  3. Numerical Simulation of the Lubricant-Solid Interface Using the Multigrid Method
  4. Influence of the Duty Cycle of Pulse Electrodeposition-Coated Ni-Al2O3 Nanocomposites on Surface Roughness Properties
  5. Corrosion Mechanisms of 304L NAG in Boiling 9M HNO3 Containing Cr (VI) Ions
  6. Development of Nanocomposite Coatings
  7. Further Investigations and Parametric Analysis of Microstructural Alterations under Rolling Contact Fatigue
  8. Experimental Study on the Effect of Micro-Texture on EHL Point-Contact Film Thickness Subject to Sliding Conditions
  9. A Multiscale Overview of Modelling Rolling Cyclic Fatigue in Bearing Elements
  10. CFD Investigation of Reynolds Flow around a Solid Obstacle
  11. Failure Detection within Composite Materials in System Engineering Applications
  12. Semi Salix Leaf Textured Gas Mechanical Face Seal with Enhanced Opening Performance
  13. CuO Bionanocomposite with Enhanced Stability and Antibacterial Activity against Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Strains
  14. A Review of Friction Performance of Lubricants with Nano Additives
  15. Friction Behavior of a Textured Surface against Several Materials under Dry and Lubricated Conditions
  16. The study of below surface material modifications in bearings
  17. A new energy storage design
  18. Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Accumulative Roll-Bonded Co/Pb Nanocomposite
  19. Evaluation of Dark Etching Regions for Standard Bearing Steel under Accelerated Rolling Contact Fatigue
  20. A 3D Finite Element Model of Rolling Contact Fatigue for Evolved Material Response and Residual Stress Estimation
  21. Role of extended fins and graphene nano-platelets in coupled thermal enhancement of latent heat storage system
  22. Wear and friction performance evaluation of nickel based nanocomposite coatings under refrigerant lubrication
  23. Dry Sliding-Friction and Wear Behavior of Hot-Extruded Al6061/Si3N4/Cf Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite
  24. Corrosion performance of nanocomposite coatings in moist SO2 environment
  25. High-Performance Anticorrosive Polyester Coatings on Mild Steel in Mixed Acid Mixtures Environments
  26. Heat transfer evaluation of metal oxides based nano-PCMs for latent heat storage system application
  27. Friction and wear performance analysis of hydrofluoroether-7000 refrigerant
  28. A comparative study of rolling contact fatigue life before and and after running-in treatment
  29. Structural Monitoring System for proactive detection of corrosion and coating failure
  30. Innovative overheating solution for solar thermal collector using a reflective surface included in the air gap
  31. Novel experimental setup to assess Surfaces in tribo-contact lubricated by the next generation of environmentally friendly thermofluids
  32. Thermodynamic performance of a novel shell-and-tube heat exchanger incorporating paraffin as thermal storage solution for domestic and commercial applications
  33. Optimised maintenance scheduling of structures based on their condition
  34. Wear Performance Analysis of Ni–Al2O3 Nanocomposite Coatings under Nonconventional Lubrication
  35. Experimental and numerical study of wear resistance of nano-composite coatings
  36. Study and development of corrosion resistant coatings
  37. Investigation and modelling of ceramic rolling contact ball bearing element subject to fatigue
  38. Enhancement of thermal properties of paraffin by using nano-additives
  39. Electrochemical corrosion failure analysis of large complex engineering structures by using micro-LPR sensors
  40. Condition monitoring and predictive modelling of coating delamination applied to remote stationary and mobile assets
  41. Synergistic wear-corrosion analysis and modelling of nanocomposite coatings
  42. A Historical Review on the Tribological Performance of Refrigerants used in Compressors
  43. Electrochemical Study of Polymer and Ceramic-Based Nanocomposite Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Cast Iron Pipeline
  44. A Novel Non-Destructive Sensing Technology for On-Site Corrosion Failure Evaluation of Coatings
  45. Life assessment prognostic modelling for multi-layered coating systems using a multidisciplinary approach
  46. An experimental investigation of discharge/solidification cycle of paraffin in novel shell and tube with longitudinal fins based latent heat storage system
  47. Study of lubrication and texturing to asses friction performance
  48. Predictive and prognostic modelling and simulation of coatings subject to corrosion and mechanical failures
  49. Experimental investigations of charging/melting cycles of paraffin in a novel shell and tube with longitudinal fins based heat storage design solution for domestic and industrial applications
  50. Analyzing and Modelling the Corrosion Behavior of Ni/Al2O3, Ni/SiC, Ni/ZrO2 and Ni/Graphene Nanocomposite Coatings
  51. Performance Analysis of Retrofitted Tribo-Corrosion Test Rig for Monitoring In Situ Oil Conditions
  52. Development in Paraffin Based Thermal Storage System Through Shell and Tubes Heat Exchanger With Vertical Fins
  53. A comprehensive predictive corrosion model incorporating varying environmental gas pollutants applied to wider steel applications
  54. Dynamic Simulation of a Mobile Manipulator with Joint Friction
  55. Thermodynamic modelling and analysis of a solar organic Rankine cycle employing thermofluids
  56. A review of friction models in interacting joints for durability design
  57. A review of theoretical analysis techniques for cracking and corrosive degradation of film-substrate systems
  58. Development and study of nano additive enhanced energy fluid
  59. Analysis of compressive and diffusion stresses to assess coating failures
  60. Parametric investigations to enhance thermal performance of paraffin through a novel geometrical configuration of shell and tube latent thermal storage system
  61. Wear and Friction Properties of Electrodeposited Ni-Based Coatings Subject to Nano-enhanced Lubricant and Composite Coating
  62. Time dependent surface corrosion analysis and modelling of automotive steel under a simplistic model of variations in environmental parameters
  63. Experimental study of thermodynamic assessment of a small scale solar thermal system
  64. A review of performance enhancement of PCM based latent heat storage system within the context of materials, thermal stability and compatibility
  65. A predictive model for life assessment of automotive exhaust mufflers subject to internal corrosion failure due to exhaust gas condensation
  66. Current tidal power technologies and their suitability for applications in coastal and marine areas
  67. DFT and X-RAY study of structural, electronic, elastic and optical properties in Be1–XZnXS alloys depending on vegard’s law
  68. Maximising the interfacial toughness of thin coatings and substrate through optimisation of defined parameters
  69. Water-Lubricated Ni-Based Composite (Ni–Al2O3, Ni–SiC and Ni–ZrO2) Thin Film Coatings for Industrial Applications
  70. An Optimised Approach of Protecting and Sustaining Large Vehicle System
  71. Modelling the Effect of Residual and Diffusion induced Stresses on Corrosion at the Interface of Coating and Substrate
  72. Flat plate solar energy collector
  73. Effect of bath ionic strength on adhesion and tribological properties of pure nickel and Ni-based nanocomposite coatings
  74. A model for cathodic blister growth in coating degradation using mesomechanics approach
  75. A holistic mathematical modelling and simulation for cathodic delamination mechanism – a novel and an efficient approach
  76. Fabrication and characterization of electrodeposited and magnetron-sputtered thin films
  77. Optimisation of interface roughness and coating thickness to maximise coating–substrate adhesion – a failure prediction and reliability assessment modelling
  78. A unified mathematical modelling and simulation for cathodic blistering mechanism incorporating diffusion and fracture mechanics concepts
  79. The Implications of Wet and Dry Turning on the Surface Quality of EN8 Steel
  80. Transactions on Engineering Technologies
  81. Modelling of metal-coating delamination incorporating variable environmental parameters
  82. Accelerated corrosion tests of waste-gated turbocharger’s adjustable and fixed end links
  83. Tribological Behaviour of Hot Extruded Al6061-Si3N4Composite
  84. Slurry Erosive Wear Behavior of Hot Extruded Al6061-Si3N4 Composite
  85. Air Jet Erosion Wear Behavior of Al6061-SiC-Carbon Fibre Hybrid Composite
  86. Tribological characteristics of innovative Al6061–carbon fiber rod metal matrix composites
  87. Material Characterization and Real-Time Wear Evaluation of Pistons and Cylinder Liners of the Tiger 131 Military Tank
  88. Prediction of slurry erosive wear behaviour of Al6061 alloy using a fuzzy logic approach
  89. Corrosion Damage Analysis and Material Characterization of Sherman and Centaur—The Historic Military Tanks
  90. Non-destructive material characterisation and material loss evaluation in large historic military vehicles
  91. Experimental Sliding Performance of Composite Tip Seal with High-Carbon Steel Plate under Lubricated Conditions Applied to Scroll Expander Systems
  92. Material characterisation to understand various modes of corrosion failures in large military vehicles of historical importance
  93. Cavitation and rolling wear in silicon nitride
  94. Durability of domestic scroll compressor systems
  95. Manufacturing induced residual stress influence on the rolling contact fatigue life performance of lubricated silicon nitride bearing materials
  96. Residual stress variations during rolling contact fatigue of refrigerant lubricated silicon nitride bearing elements
  97. Development of Laser Propelled “Semi-Perpetual” Rotary Machine
  98. Ceramic rolling elements with ring crack defects—A residual stress approach
  99. Pressurised chamber design for conducting rolling contact experiments with liquid refrigerant lubrication