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  1. Review of Lee & Soufflet (2022): Aktuelle Themen aus Gesellschaft, Politik und Technik: Kommunikatives Chinesisch für die Mittelstufe
  2. Review of Luo (2019): Particle Verbs in English: A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective
  3. Metonymy
  4. #MaskOn! #MaskOff! Digital polarization of mask-wearing in the United States during COVID-19
  5. Little cutie one piece
  6. Slut shaming in the Chinese Internet
  7. Why do people think and talk counterfactually?
  8. metaphors used in political discourse
  9. How Chinese heritage learners from the USA deal with identity when they study abroad in China
  10. The emergence of disjunction: A history of constructionalization in Chinese
  11. A unitary account of a construction based on converging evidence from experiment and corpus
  12. Chinese mothers and American mothers talk to their kids differently
  13. Chinese linguistics research with greater rigor in methodology
  14. Introduction to edited volume
  15. Maternal affective input in mother–child interaction
  16. Fear expressions in language
  17. Constructions are meaningful units and carry embodied experiences.
  18. Review of Lizhen (2007): Modality in Modern Mandarin
  19. Review of Gilquin (2010): Corpus, cognition and causative constructions
  20. Review of González, de los Ángeles, Mackenzie & González Álvarez (2008): Languages and Cultures in Contrast and Comparison
  21. meaning change does not occur in a cultural vacuum.
  22. Languages conceptualize realities differently
  23. how to bridge semantic meaning and language use?
  24. Metaphors and metonyms for how people talk
  25. Bad information has stronger impact on people
  26. A creative account of a notorious construction