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  1. Investigating quality of steel for building construction: A case study of Nigeria steel industries
  2. Effect of high concentration of an ideal donor dopant on the dielectric properties of potassium sodium niobate (KNN) lead-free piezoelectric ceramic
  3. The Compressive Strength and Microstructure of Alkali-Activated Mortars Utilizing By-Product-Based Binary-Blended Precursors
  4. Influence of La2O3 additions on the microstructure and strength of zirconia toughened alumina
  5. Synthesis of hydroxyapatite via phase transformation of calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate: Effects of temperature variation on phase and morphology
  6. Compressive Strength and Microstructural Characteristics of Binary Blended Cement Mortar Containing Palm Oil Fuel Ash
  7. Effect of Various Grades of Na2SiO3 on Compressive Strength Development of Eggshells Powder-Based Alkaline Activated Mortar
  8. Investigation on Strength Enhancement of U-TPOFA Based Binary Blended Alkali Activated Mortar Through Addition of Fly Ash
  9. Influence of annealing temperature on morphological and photocatalytic activity of sputter-coated CaCu3Ti4O12 thin film under ultraviolet light irradiation
  10. Optimization of Ceramic Tile Properties from Three Malaysian Clays via Statistical Mixture Design
  11. Energy harvesting properties of chitosan film in harvesting water vapour into electrical energy
  12. Effect of Ar:N2 flow rate on morphology, optical and electrical properties of CCTO thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
  13. The effects of sintered sample thickness on the dielectric properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics prepared at 1000–1100 °C in air
  14. Effect of MgO Addition on the Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) Ceramics
  15. Influence of reaction layer thickness on surface/submerged flame during porous media combustion of micro burner
  16. Development of foam porous media to undergo surface and submerged flame during premixed combustion
  17. Effect of WO3 loading on structural, electrical and dielectric properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramic composites
  18. Effect of Ultra-low Vegetable Oil Droplets on Microporous Media Burner Under Surface and Submerged Flames
  19. Tougher and harder zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) composites through in situ microstructural formation of LaMgAl11O19
  20. Analysis on physical and microstructural properties of ZTA-SWNT ceramic cutting tool
  21. Decomposition of TiO2, CuO and CaCO3 for CaCu3Ti4O12 formation through solid state reaction
  22. Densification and grain growth of microwave-sintered yttrium iron garnet
  23. Dielectric resonator antenna of CaCu3Ti4O12 with addition of SrO-B2O3-SiO2 glass for wideband application
  24. Effect of Sm on YIG: Structural and dielectric properties evaluation
  25. Effect of Sr dopant to the KNN-LiTaSb properties
  26. Effect of processing parameters on coefficient of thermal expansion of ceramic tiles
  27. Effects of type of solution on the conversion phase of dicalcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate to hydroxyapatite via dissolution-precipitation
  28. Hardness and fracture toughness analysis of ZTA–SWCNT ceramic cutting inserts
  29. Microstructure and dielectric properties of silicone rubber/CCTO composites
  30. Preface: Materials Characterization using X-Rays and Related Techniques
  31. Role of addition of La2O3 on the phase contents, microstructure and mechanical properties of ZTA-MgO ceramics
  32. Role of pentavalent niobium oxide additions on the microstructure and structure of zirconia toughened alumina using hot isostatic press sintering
  33. Structural, morphological and electrical properties of ZTA-La2O3 composite ceramic
  34. The effects of CeO2 addition on the physical and microstructural properties of ZTA-TiO2 ceramics composite
  35. Study on modified curve fitting model in analyzing YIG resonator antenna
  36. Effective dielectric loss (tan δ) reduction of CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) via various addition of glasses
  37. Impact of Al(OH)3 addition to POFA on the compressive strength of POFA alkali-activated mortar
  38. Improved Adhesion of Nonfluorinated ZnO Nanotriangle Superhydrophobic Layer on Glass Surface by Spray-Coating Method
  39. Effects of deposition time on properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 thin film deposited on ITO substrate by RF magnetron sputtering at ambient temperature
  40. CCTO thin film synthesis by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
  41. Effect of Glass Addition on the Phase Formation, Microstructures Evolution and Dielectric Properties of CCTO Ceramics for Energy Storage Capacitor
  42. Fabrication of Calcium Doped PlSZT Ceramics using High Planetary Mill Method
  43. Fabrication of tougher ZTA ceramics with sustainable high hardness through (RSM) optimisation
  44. Influence of Soda Lime Glass Addition on the Dielectric Properties of CCTO Ceramics
  45. ZTA Hardness Enhancement via Hot Isostatic Press Sintering
  46. Effect of nitrile butadiene rubber/Al2O3/YSZ fillers for PMMA denture base on the thermal and mechanical properties
  47. Experiential study on temperature and emission performance of micro burner during porous media combustion
  48. Investigation of micro burner performance during porous media combustion for surface and submerged flames
  49. The use of carbon black-TiO2 composite prepared using solid state method as counter electrode and E. conferta as sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) applications
  50. Effects of Filler Size on the Mechanical Properties of Polymer-filled Dental Composites: A Review of Recent Developments
  51. High sensitivity and selectivity of CaCu3Ti4O12-ZnO composites towards acetone gas at room temperature
  52. Improved super-hydrophobicity of eco-friendly coating from palm oil fuel ash (POFA) waste
  53. Effects of CIP compaction pressure on piezoelectric properties of K0.5Na0.5NbO3
  54. Comparative study on porous media combustion characteristics using different discrete materials
  55. Effect of nano- and micro-alumina fillers on some properties of poly(methyl methacrylate) denture base composites
  56. Effects of deposition temperatures and substrates on microstructure and optical properties of sputtered CCTO thin film
  57. The effect of cutting parameters on the performance of ZTA-MgO cutting tool
  58. Room temperature LPG resistive sensor based on the use of a few-layer graphene/SnO2 nanocomposite
  59. Hardness and toughness enhancement of CeO 2 addition to ZTA ceramics through HIPping technique
  60. POFA-Engineered Alkali-activated Cementitious Composite Performance in Acid Environment
  61. Sago pith waste ash as a potential raw material for ceramic and geopolymer fabrication
  62. Microwave sintering of zirconia-toughened alumina (ZTA)-TiO2-Cr2O3 ceramic composite: The effects on microstructure and properties
  63. Role of moisturising and pressing pressure on ceramic tile properties
  64. A novel homogeneous stacked yttrium ion garnet resonator antenna for wideband application
  65. Microstructural, Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of CCTO/Epoxy Composite
  66. Design of a negative conductance dielectric resonator oscillator for X-band applications
  67. Effect of Nb-doped TiO2 photoanode using solid state method with E. conferta as sensitizer on the performance of dye sensitized solar cell
  68. Efficient diagnostics of the electronic and optical properties of defective ZnO nanoparticles synthesized using the sol–gel method: experimental and theoretical studies
  69. Performance of E. conferta and G. atroviridis fruit extracts as sensitizers in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)
  70. Structural, surface morphology and optical properties of sputter-coated CaCu 3 Ti 4 O 12 thin film: Influence of RF magnetron sputtering power
  71. Relationship between the thermal behaviour of the clays and their mineralogical and chemical composition: Example of Ipoh, Kuala Rompin and Mersing (Malaysia)
  72. Effects of annealing temperature on the structural, morphology, optical properties and resistivity of sputtered CCTO thin film
  73. Modelling the early strength of alkali-activated cement composites containing palm oil fuel ash
  74. Dielectric Properties of Al2O3/CaCu3Ti4O12 Composite at High Frequency Range
  75. Sago Pith Waste Ash as an Addition to Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Mortar
  76. Effects of TiN Single Layer Coating on the Wear of ZTA Cutting Inserts and Surface Roughness of Workpiece
  77. Effect of Firing Temperature on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Porcelain Balls as Grinding Media
  78. The Bending Strength of the Porcelain with the Substitution of Quartz by Palm Oil Fuel Ash
  79. The Role of Nb2Zr6O17 Phase on the Hardness and Fracture Toughness of ZTA/Nb2O5 by Cold Isostatic Pressing
  80. The Dielectric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 at Various Calcination Temperatures
  81. Effect of Curing Time and Sintering to the Properties of Geopolymer Mortars
  82. Tetragonal and Monoclinic Phase Transformation of ZTA-MgO Ceramic Cutting Tool by Machining Process
  83. Effect of Sintering Temperature on Structure and Dielectric Properties of Lead Free K0.5Na0.5NbO3 Prepared via Hot Isostatic Pressing
  84. Fabrication of Lanthanum and Strontium Doped PZT Ceramics Using Solid State Reaction Method
  85. Synthesis and Characterization of Zirconia-Alumina Ceramics Doped Niobium Oxide
  86. Effect of Calcination Temperature on the Breakdown Strength and Energy Density of CaCu3Ti4O12 Ceramic
  87. Dielectric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12/Al2O3 Composites
  88. Structural Properties of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.38Li0.1)O3 Prepared via High Planetary Mill
  89. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar Incorporate with Coated Expanded Polystyrene Beads
  90. Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt Doped with Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Electrolytes
  91. Elemental, Thermal, and Structural Characterization of ZnO Doped 8 mol% Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (8YSZ) Ceramics
  92. Synthesis and Characterization of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 Properties via High Planetary Mill
  93. Preliminary Determination of Minerals in Mukah Coal
  94. Influences of NBR/Al2O3/YSZ as Fillers for PMMA Composite on the Thermal Properties
  95. Study on Conversion Time of Brushite to Monetite via Hydrothermal Method
  96. Investigation of YIG’s Active Site Using Density Functional Theory
  97. Effects of the preheat layer thickness on surface/submerged flame during porous media combustion of micro burner
  98. Piezoelectric and dielectric properties of Pb0.93La0.02Sr0.05(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 ceramics doped with Li2CO3 at low sintering temperature
  99. Durability performance of Palm Oil Fuel Ash-based Engineered Alkaline-activated Cementitious Composite (POFA-EACC) mortar in sulfate environment
  100. Assessment of porous media burner for surface/submerged flame during porous media combustion
  101. A review of wideband circularly polarized dielectric resonator antennas
  102. A study on thermoforming process of stretchable circuit and its performance in manufacturing of automotive lighting
  103. Characterization of metakaolin treated at different calcination temperatures
  104. Detection of chipping in ceramic cutting inserts from workpiece profile during turning using fast Fourier transform (FFT) and continuous wavelet transform (CWT)
  105. Effect of thickness on humidity sensing properties of RF magnetron sputtered CaCu3Ti4O12 thin films on alumina substrate
  106. Impact strength, fracture toughness and hardness improvement of PMMA denture base through addition of nitrile rubber/ceramic fillers
  107. Nucleation of octahedral titanate crystals using waste anodic electrolyte from the anodization of TiO2 nanotubes
  108. Stress Analysis of a Stretchable Electronic Circuit
  109. The improvement of the mechanical properties of PMMA denture base by Al2O3 particles with nitrile rubber
  110. Effects of Cr 2 O 3 addition on the phase, mechanical properties, and microstructure of zirconia-toughened alumina added with TiO 2 (ZTA–TiO 2 ) ceramic composite
  111. Fabrication of resistance type humidity sensor based on CaCu3Ti4O12 thick film
  112. Effect of thickness on surface morphology, optical and humidity sensing properties of RF magnetron sputtered CCTO thin films
  113. Phase structure, microstructure and broadband dielectric response of Cu nonstoichiometry CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramic
  114. Analysis of Passive Frequency Multiplier Designs for K-Band Wireless Communication Systems
  115. Analysis of Hybrid Ring Coupler Double-Balanced Mixer and MMIC Double-Balanced Mixer for Ka-Band Wireless Communication Systems
  116. Sintering and grain growth control of high dense YIG
  118. The capability of hibonite elongated grains to influence physical, microstructural, and mechanical properties of zirconia toughened alumina–CeO 2 –MgO ceramics
  119. Characterization of microstructures evolution on electrical responses of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics
  120. Effect of Particle Size on Mechanical Properties of Sawdust-High Density Polyethylene Composites under Various Strain Rates
  121. Dielectric loaded quasi-lumped element resonator antenna circuit model for U-NII/ISM band wireless applications
  122. On the verification of sol–gel-derived ZnO nanoparticle properties using first-principles calculation
  123. A Review on Microdialysis Calibration Methods: the Theory and Current Related Efforts
  124. Physical, mechanical, and thermal properties improvement of porous alumina substrate through dip-coating and re-sintering procedures
  125. Impact of added water and superplasticizer on early compressive strength of selected mixtures of palm oil fuel ash-based engineered geopolymer composites
  126. Detection of fracture in ceramic cutting tools from workpiece profile signature using image processing and fast Fourier transform
  127. Effect of SrCO3 addition on the dynamic compressive strength of ZTA
  128. A Short Review on Copper Calcium Titanate (CCTO) Electroceramic: Synthesis, Dielectric Properties, Film Deposition, and Sensing Application
  129. Effects of fly ash addition on physical properties of porous clay-fly ash composites via polymeric replica technique
  130. Assessment of crystallite size and strain of CaCu3Ti4O12 prepared via conventional solid-state reaction
  131. Dielectric Properties of Li-Zr Modified NiO at High Frequency
  132. Bandpass filter based on novel-coupled half-wavelength microstrip ring resonators
  133. Compressive mechanical properties of sawdust/high density polyethylene composites under various strain rate loadings
  134. Effect of ceramic coating in combustion and cogeneration performance of Al 2 O 3 porous medium
  135. Tool breakage detection from 2D workpiece profile using vision method
  136. Role of MgO nanoparticles on zirconia-toughened alumina-5 wt-% CeO2ceramics mechanical properties
  137. Why a Comprehensive Physical Characterization Effort of Microdialysis Membranes is Imperative for Computational Mass Transfer Studies?
  138. Effect of Alkaline Treatment on Sawdust Reinforced High Density Polyethylene Composite under Wide Strain Rate
  139. Effect of Surface Modification on Rice Husk (RH)/Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Composites under Various Loading Rates
  140. Sago Pith Waste Ash as a New Alternative Raw Materials from Agricultural Waste
  141. Effect of Sintering Temperature on CuO Doped Barium Zinc Tantalate (BZT) Dielectric Properties
  142. The Cutting Speed Influences on Tool Wear of ZTA Ceramic Cutting Tools and Surface Roughness of Work Material Stainless Steel 316L during High Speed Machining
  143. Improvement of Porous Porcelain through Glaze Coating
  144. Effect of Stirring and Aging Time on the Formation of β-Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP) Powder
  145. Synthesize CCTO Using Different Mixing Media
  146. Modification of Rubber Particles and Ceramic Fillers on PMMA Denture Base Materials
  147. Effect of Titania and Magnesia on the Physical Properties of Zirconia Toughened Alumina
  148. Study on the Potential of Kaolinitic Clay from Perak State, Malaysia for Aluminosilicate Ceramic Ball
  149. Effect of Cr2O3-TiO2 Addition on the Physical Properties of Zirconia Toughened Alumina
  150. identification of silantek clay as potential refractory
  151. The Hardness Properties of Porcelain with Substitution of Quartz by Rice Husk Ash at Different Soaking Time
  152. Crystallite Size Measurement of Doped CaCu2.8Co0.2Ti4O12 Ceramic Samples Using Various Method
  153. Preparation and Characterization of Porous Cordierite for Catalyst Support Application
  154. Characterization of Cordierite Glass with the Addition Colorant Ceramic Glaze for FIR Therapy
  155. Synthesis and Characterization of Colorant Glass and Glass Ceramic from Non Stoichiometric Cordierite Composition with the Addition of Colorant Material at Different Temperature
  156. Synthesis and Structural Characterization of La0.8Sr0.2MO3 (M=Mn, Fe, Co and Cr) Solid Ionic Material for Catalyst Application
  157. Synthesis and Characterization of PZT Doped Lanthanum, Neodymium and Yttrium Using Sol Gel Method
  158. Effect of Glass Addition on the Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 Ceramics
  159. Effect of Sintering Temperatures on Sr-Doped NiO Ceramics
  160. Phase Evolution of Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) Made by Solid State Sintering: Particle Size Effect
  161. Role of Ce2Zr3O10 Phase on the Microstructure and Fracture Toughness of ZTA Composites
  162. On Using Factorial Fractional Design to Fabricate Porous Alumina Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering (BTE)
  163. Microstructure, Crystal structure and ionic conductivity of 3 mol % (Fe, Mn, Co, Zn) doped 8YSZ
  164. Synthesis and Characterization of Stabilized Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) Doped Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5)
  165. Pmma Denture Base Composites Reinforced by Nitrile Rubber and Ceramic Fillers
  166. Microwave dielectric properties of CaCu3Ti4O12-Al2O3 composite
  167. Evaluation of Slag-Blended Alkaline-Activated Palm Oil Fuel Ash Mortar Exposed to the Sulfuric Acid Environment
  168. Poly(methyl methacrylate) denture base composites enhancement by various combinations of nitrile butadiene rubber/treated ceramic fillers
  169. In-process detection of chipping in ceramic cutting tools during turning of difficult-to-cut material using vision-based approach
  170. Design of a novel dielectric resonator antenna using MgTiO3–CoTiO3 for wideband applications
  171. Influence of Initial Silica Modulus of Na2SiO3 on the Compressive Strength of Alkali Activated Ultrafine Palm Oil Fuel Ash Based Mortar
  172. From optimization to dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) application of YIG: Synthesis approach
  173. The Investigation of the Phenomenological YIG Phase Formation Within 1000°C to 1250°C: A Kinetic Approach
  174. Compressive strength of treated palm oil fuel ash based geopolymer mortar containing calcium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide and silica fume as mineral additives
  175. Effect of delay time and Na2SiO3 concentrations on compressive strength development of geopolymer mortar synthesized from TPOFA
  176. Parametric Study of Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna (CDRA) Feeder with Symmetric Parabolic Reflector
  177. The Effect of CuO on NiO Electroceramics
  178. The Effects of Fly Ash Addition on the Properties of Porous Clay-Fly Ash Composites
  179. Effect of Mould Pressure and Substitution of Quartz by Rice Husk Ash on the Bulk Density and Compressive Strength of Porcelain Body
  180. The effect of sago as binder in the fabrication of alumina foam through the polymeric sponge replication technique
  181. The Mediating Role of Work Alienation on the Relationship Between Leader-Member Exchange and Job Performance in the Iraqi Technical Colleges and Institutes
  182. The development of low cost adsorbents from clay and waste materials: a review
  183. Effects of yttria stabilized zirconia (3Y-TZP) percentages on the ZTA dynamic mechanical properties
  184. Antenna in LTCC Technologies: A Review and the Current State of the Art
  185. Measurement on Strain Rate Sensitivity Properties of Rice Husk (Rh)/Linear Low Density Polyethylene (Lldpe) Composites under Various Loading Rates
  186. Mechanical Properties of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)/Sawdust Composites under Wide Range of Strain Rate
  187. Effects of TiO2 addition on the phase, mechanical properties, and microstructure of zirconia-toughened alumina ceramic composite
  188. The effect of different dopant site (Cu and Ca) by magnesium on CaCu3Ti4O12 dielectric properties
  189. Fabrication of porcelain foam substrates coated with SiC, Ni, and Cr using the dip-coating technique
  190. Structural Properties of Cerium Substituted Yttrium Iron Garnet
  191. Effect of Sintering Temperature on the Dielectric Properties of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 Ceramics Synthesized via High Planetary Ball Mill
  192. Nanostructured Thin Film
  193. Mass Transport in Microdialysis
  194. A Bentonite Layer between Alumina Foam and its Hydroxyapatite Coat: An Improved Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
  195. Titanium composite
  196. Effect of Environmental Exposure on two Types of Opaque Dental Porcelain
  197. Mechanical Properties of PMMA Denture Base Reinforced by Nitrile Rubber Particles with Al2O3/YSZ Fillers
  198. Enhancement of YIG bandwidth efficiency through Ce-doping for dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) applications
  199. Shrinkage and strength of alkaline activated ground steel slag/ultrafine palm oil fuel ash pastes and mortars
  200. Synthesis of high purity titanium silicon carbide from elemental powders using arc melting method
  201. Performance of Different Grades of Palm Oil Fuel Ash with Ground Slag as Base Materials in the Synthesis of Alkaline Activated Mortar
  202. Effect of Temperature and Composition of Palm Oil Fuel Ash on Compressive Strength of Porcelain
  203. Chemical and Mineralogical Properties of Rice Husk Ash (RHA)
  204. Effects of Palm Oil Fuel Ash Composition on the Properties and Morphology of Porcelain-palm Oil Fuel Ash Composite
  205. A novel multi-band dual-segment rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna
  206. Sintering effect on Titanium Composite
  207. Influence of curing methods and concentration of NaOH on strength of the synthesized alkaline activated  ground slag-ultrafine palm oil fuel ash mortar/concrete
  208. Effect of Organic Modification on Dynamic Compression Properties of Polypropylene/Muscovite Layered Silicate Composites
  209. Effect of Surface Modification on Strain Rate Sensitivity of Polypropylene/Muscovite Layered Silicate Composites
  210. Effect of Sintering Duration on Pure PZT for Piezofan Application
  211. Phase Studies in WC-Stainless Steel AISI 347 Hardmetal System with Graphite Addition
  212. The Effect of Sintering Conditions on the Microstructure and Electrical Properties of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 Ceramic
  213. Effect of ion exchange treatment on dynamic compression properties of polypropylene/muscovite-layered silicate composites
  214. Impacts of silica modulus on the early strength of alkaline activated ground slag/ultrafine palm oil fuel ash based concrete
  215. Sintering characteristics and properties of WC-10AISI304 (stainless steel) hardmetals with added graphite
  216. The influence of in-situ formation of hibonite on the properties of zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) composites
  217. Carbon Nanofiller-enhanced Ceramic Composites: Thermal and Electrical Studies
  218. Sago starch as binder and pore-forming agent for the fabrication of porcelain foam
  219. Effects of H2O/Na2O molar ratio on the strength of alkaline activated ground blast furnace slag-ultrafine palm oil fuel ash based concrete
  220. Evolution of alkaline activated ground blast furnace slag–ultrafine palm oil fuel ash based concrete
  221. Reinforcing ability and co-catalytic effects of organo-montmorillonite clay on the epoxidized soybean oil bio-thermoset
  222. Dielectric Properties of ZrO<sub>2</sub> Doped on NiO at High Frequency
  223. Effects of MgO addition on the phase, mechanical properties, and microstructure of zirconia-toughened alumina added with CeO2 (ZTA–CeO2) ceramic composite
  224. Strength and microstructure of alkali-activated binary blended binder containing palm oil fuel ash and ground blast-furnace slag
  225. Synthesis of geopolymer from large amounts of treated palm oil fuel ash: Application of the Taguchi method in investigating the main parameters affecting compressive strength
  226. Technology Transfer Performance and Competitive Advantage: Evidence from Yemen
  227. Study on the Effect of Dielectric Structure to the Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA)
  228. Feed Coupling Comparative Assessment of Selected Microstrip Patch Antenna
  229. Effects of addition of Al(OH)3 on the strength of alkaline activated ground blast furnace slag-ultrafine palm oil fuel ash (AAGU) based binder
  230. Using design of mixture experiments to optimize triaxial ceramic tile compositions incorporating Cambodian clays
  231. Influence of Temperature on the Substitution of Quartz by Rice Husk Ash (RHA) in Porcelain Composition
  232. Mixing Optimization of Sn-Cu-Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> via Powder Metallurgy Route for Composite Solder Fabrication
  233. Strength and Microstructural Performance of Nano-SiO<sub>2</sub> Gel (NSG) Infused Alkaline Activated Ground Blast Furnace Slag-Ultrafine Palm Oil Fuel Ash (AAGU) Based Mortar
  234. The behavior of high frequency tunable dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) with the addition of excess Fe2O3 in Y3Fe5O12 (YIG) formulation
  235. The relationship between microstructure and fracture toughness of zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) added with MgO and CeO2
  236. Compaction Optimization of Sn-Cu-Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> via Powder Metallurgy Route for Composite Solder Fabrication
  237. Sustainable Porous Materials for Gas Adsorption Applications; A Concise Review
  238. Effect of CaO Dopant on the Dielectric Properties of NiO
  239. Effect of Heat Treatment on Ni-P-C<sub>g</sub>(Graphite)-SiC Composite Coated Cast AlSi Alloy
  240. Electroless Ni-P-C<sub>g</sub>(Graphite)-SiC Composite Coating on Cast AlSi Alloy
  241. Influence of Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> as Filler Loading on the Fracture Toughness of Light-Cured Dental Resin Composites
  242. Influence of Rice Husk Ash on the Engineering Properties of Fired-Clay Brick
  243. Machining Performance of Reinforced Alumina Insert in End Milling of AISI 1018 Steel
  244. Simulated Body Fluid Sorption and Solubility of Silica Reinforced Dental Resin Composites
  245. Biodegradability of Epoxidized Soybean Oil Based Thermosets in Compost Soil Environment
  246. Static and dynamic compressive properties of polypropylene/zinc oxide nanocomposites
  247. Isosceles-triangular microstrip loop resonator antenna
  248. A novel 5.8GHz quasi-lumped element resonator antenna
  249. Studies on the formation of yttrium iron garnet (YIG) through stoichiometry modification prepared by conventional solid-state method
  250. Relationships of cure kinetics and processing for epoxidized soybean oil bio-thermoset
  251. Hybrid rectangular printed strip monopole dielectric resonator antenna
  252. Evaluation of properties and FEM Model of the Friction welded mild Steel-Al6061-Alumina
  253. Fabrication and Characterisation of Powder Metallurgy Fe-Cr Matrix Composites Reinforced with Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>
  254. Hybrid dielectric resonator integrated pyramidal horn antenna
  255. Grain growth, phase evolution and properties of NbC carbide-doped WC-10AISI304 hardmetals produced by pseudo hot isostatic pressing
  256. Particle size – Dependent on the static and dynamic compression properties of polypropylene/silica composites
  257. Application of porous medium burner with micro cogeneration system
  258. The sensing mechanism and detection of low concentration acetone using chitosan-based sensors
  259. The effects of CeO2 addition on the physical, microstructural and mechanical properties of yttria stabilized zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA)
  261. Bi-polarized dual-segment rectangular dielectric resonator antenna
  263. Influence of sintering parameters on melting CuO phase in CaCu3Ti4O12
  264. Synthesis and Characterization of Ba0.3Sr0.7ZrO3 Ceramic Thick Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Technique
  265. Properties of Mortar Containing Rice Husk Ash at Different Temperature and Exposed to Aggressive Environment
  266. Research Advances of Composite Solder Material Fabricated via Powder Metallurgy Route
  267. Characterization of Potential Used Rubber Seed Coat Waste for the Removal of Remazol Brilliant Blue R Reactive Dye
  268. Formation of Titanium Silicon Carbide (Ti<sub>3</sub>SiC<sub>2</sub>) via Modified Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (SHS) System through Arc Melting
  269. Heterogeneous Combustion of Ti/Si/C Powders with Estimated Ti<sub>3</sub>SiC<sub>2</sub> Routes Morphologies
  270. Identification of Mixed-Layer Mineral of Cambodian Clays and their Phase Changes upon Firing
  271. Influence of Silica and Zirconia Particles as Filler Loading on the Radiopacity of Dental Resin Composites
  272. Investigation of Grain Size Effect on the Impedance of CaCu<sub>3</sub>Ti<sub>4</sub>O<sub>12</sub> from 100 Hz to 1 GHz of Frequency
  273. Microstructure Evolution of Sn-3.5Ag-1.0Cu-0.5Ni/Cu System Lead Free Solder under Long Term Thermal Aging
  274. Porous Ceramic Supports Prepared from Porcelain Mixture
  275. Research Development of Solder Materials and its Intermetallic Compound (IMC) Study
  276. Structural and Microstructure Relationship with Fracture Toughness of CeO<sub>2</sub> Addition into Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) Ceramic Composites
  277. Effect of the Solid Concentration in the Suspension on Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) Coating Parameters
  278. Intermetallic evolution between Sn-3.5Ag-1.0Cu-xZn lead free solder and copper substrate under long time thermal aging (x: 0, 0.1, 0.4, 0.7)
  279. Machining performance of zirconia toughened alumina reinforced with MgO in dry end milling of AISI 1018 steel
  280. Solder microstructure and intermetallic interface evaluation between Sn-3.5Ag-1.0Cu-xNi lead free solder under long time thermal aging (x: 0, 0.05, 0.2, 0.5)
  281. Mechanical properties of Sn–0.7Cu/Si3N4 lead-free composite solder
  282. Dual-segment corporate feed four elements array antenna for broadband application
  283. Experimental study on a directional cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna (CDRA) at 5.8 GHz
  284. Leading innovation: A matter of style
  285. Characterization of Sn-3.5Ag-1.0Cu Lead-Free Solder Prepared via Powder Metallurgy Method
  286. Effect of Temperature on BCP Ceramics Coating on 316L Stainless Steel Using Electrophoretic Technique
  287. Electrophoretic Deposition of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (BCP) Coatings on 316L Stainless Steel at Room Temperature
  288. Phase Analysis in the Crystallization of Cordierite
  289. Design and modeling of a high gain wideband circular polarized dielectric resonator antenna array
  290. Effect of molecular structures on dynamic compression properties of polyethylene
  291. Effects of Cr2O3 addition on the mechanical properties, microstructure and wear performance of zirconia-toughened-alumina (ZTA) cutting inserts
  292. Heat of hydration of blended cement containing treated ground palm oil fuel ash
  294. Effect of MnO2 additive on the dielectric and electromagnetic interference shielding properties of sintered cement-based ceramics
  295. Preparation and characterization of tubular ceramic support for use in transesterification process
  296. The effect of loading rates and particle geometry on compressive properties of polypropylene/zinc oxide nanocomposites: Experimental and numerical prediction
  297. An investigation of dielectric resonator antenna produced from silicon (100) enhanced by strontium doped-barium zirconate films
  298. Design and analysis of Dual segments two element array antenna for wideband applications
  299. Bacto agar-based gel polymer electrolyte
  300. Effect of Mgo Nanoparticle on Mechanical Property and Microstructure of ZTA Ceramic Composite
  301. Effect of Cao from Different Sources on the Nanostructured Cordierite
  302. Effect of Particle Sizes on Rate Sensitivity and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene/Silica (PP/Sio<sub>2</sub>) Nanocomposites
  303. Nanoscale Investigation of Nb-Doped CaCu<sub>3</sub>Ti<sub>4</sub>O<sub>12</sub> Grains
  304. Synthesis and characterization of xMgO–1.5Al2O3–5SiO2 (x=2.6–3.0) system using mainly talc and kaolin through the glass route
  305. Dry sliding wear and compressive strength of Fe-Cr matrix composite with and without Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> reinforcement
  306. Measurement and prediction of compressive properties of polymers at high strain rate loading
  307. Self-aligned TiO2 nanotube arrays produced by air-cathode as electrode
  308. Effect of KOH concentration in the gel polymer electrolyte for direct borohydride fuel cell
  309. Effect of MgO particle size on the microstructure, mechanical properties and wear performance of ZTA–MgO ceramic cutting inserts
  310. Effect of impurities content from minerals on phase transformation, densification and crystallization of α-cordierite glass-ceramic
  311. Some ceramic properties of clays from central Cambodia
  312. Wettability, Electrical and Mechanical Properties of 99.3Sn-0.7Cu/Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> Novel Lead-Free Nanocomposite Solder
  313. Effect of Excess MgO Mole Ratio in a Stoichiometric Cordierite (2MgO·2Al2O3·5SiO2) Composition on the Phase Transformation and Crystallization Behavior of Magnesium Aluminum Silicate Phases
  314. High frequency response to the impedance complex properties of Nb-doped CaCu3Ti4O12 electroceramics
  315. Synthesis of Ti<sub>3</sub>SiC<sub>2</sub> via Modified-SHS System through Arc Melting
  316. Effect of applied voltage and fluoride ion content on the formation of zirconia nanotube arrays by anodic oxidation of zirconium
  317. Mechanical properties of nanosilica/polypropylene composites under dynamic compression loading
  318. Effect of melting temperatures on the crystallization and densification of 2.8MgO·1.5Al2O3·5SiO2 glass–ceramic synthesized from mainly talc and kaolin
  319. Measurement on Strain Rate Sensitivity and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Various Polymeric Materials
  320. Self Ordering of Anodic ZrO[sub 2] Nanotubes in Viscous Glycerol Electrolyte Using Anodization
  321. Static and dynamic compressive properties of mica/polypropylene composites
  322. Synthesis and characterization of porous biphasic calcium phosphate scaffold from different porogens for possible bone tissue engineering applications
  323. Effect of Particle Sizes of Magnesium Oxide on Zirconia Toughened Alumina Vickers Hardness
  324. Effects of Different Gloss Firing Temperature on the Crystallization of Zinc-Based Crystal Glaze
  325. Analysis of Mineralogical Component of Palm Oil Fuel Ash with or without Unburned Carbon
  326. Characterization and Phase Evolution of Cordierite Based Glass Synthesis from Pure Oxide and Minerals
  327. Effect of Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>/ZrO<sub>2</sub> Hybrid on the Fracture Toughness and Flexural Properties of PMMA Denture Base
  328. Effects of Calcination Temperature on the Phase Formation and Microstructure of Barium Zinc Tantalate
  329. Formation and Mechanistic Study of Self-Ordering ZrO<sub>2</sub> Nanotubes by Anodic Oxidation
  330. Heating Rate Effects on Properties of Powder Metallurgy Fe-Cr-Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> Composites
  331. La-Doped CaCu<sub>3</sub>Ti<sub>4</sub>O<sub>12</sub> Ceramics Sintered in Argon Environment
  332. Rietveld Quantitative Phase Analysis of Non-Stoichiometric Cordierite Synthesised from Mainly Talc and Kaolin: Effect of Sintering Temperature
  333. Effect of knowledge and networking on relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and performance of small and medium agrobased enterprises (SMAEs): The impact of technology, strategy and perceived environment
  334. Self ordering of anodic ZrO<inf>2</inf> nanotubes in viscous glycerol electrolyte using anodization
  335. X-Band dielectric resonator bandpass filter
  336. Dielectric resonator bandpass filter for X-Band application
  337. Parasitic dielectric resonators excited horn antenna at 38GHz
  338. Quarter wavelength matching in dielectric resonator bandpass filter
  339. Densification and Crystallization of Nonstoichiometric Cordierite Glass with Excess MgO Synthesized from Kaolin and Talc
  340. (Ba0.93Nd0.07)TiO3 thin films prepared by sol–gel method as a potential dielectric resonator antenna application
  341. A direct borohydride fuel cell employing a sago gel polymer electrolyte
  342. Dynamic properties of pultruded natural fibre reinforced composites using Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar technique
  343. The Effects of Al2O3 Amount on the Microstructure and Properties of Fe-Cr Matrix Composites
  344. Effect of Al2O3/ZrO2 reinforcement on the mechanical properties of PMMA denture base
  345. Characterization and thermal modelling of friction welded alumina–mild steel with the use of Al 1100 interlayer
  346. The effect of unburned carbon in palm oil fuel ash on fluidity of cement pastes containing superplasticizer
  347. The evaluation of nickel deposit obtained via Watts electrolyte at ambient temperature
  348. Mechanical evaluation and thermal modelling of friction welding of mild steel and aluminium
  349. The effects of MgO addition on microstructure, mechanical properties and wear performance of zirconia-toughened alumina cutting inserts
  350. Effect of Bi addition on the activation energy for the growth of Cu5Zn8 intermetallic in the Sn–Zn lead-free solder
  351. Thermal expansion coefficient and dielectric properties of non-stoichiometric cordierite compositions with excess MgO mole ratio synthesized from mainly kaolin and talc by the glass crystallization method
  352. Structural characteristics and dielectric properties of neodymium doped barium titanate
  353. Dielectric properties of Nb-doped CaCu3Ti4O12 electroceramics measured at high frequencies
  354. Wear performance and mechanical properties of 80 wt-%Al2O3/20 wt-%YSZ cutting inserts at different sintering rates and soaking times
  355. La-Doped CaCu[sub 3]Ti[sub 4]O[sub 12] Prepared By Conventional And Microwave Processing
  357. Effect of the change of firing temperature on microstructure and physical properties of clay bricks from Beruas (Malaysia)
  358. Influence of Binder in Iron Matrix Composites
  359. The effect of CaCO3 addition on the crystallization behavior of ZnO crystal glaze fired at different gloss firing and crystallization temperatures
  360. The makings of knowledge enterprises in Malaysia
  361. Crystal structure of single phase and low sintering temperature of α-cordierite synthesized from talc and kaolin
  362. Empirically testing the relationship between income distribution, perceived value of money and pay satisfaction
  363. Effect of Al2O3/YSZ microstructures on wear and mechanical properties of cutting inserts
  364. Improvement in dielectric properties of Zn-doped CaCu3Ti4O12 electroceramics prepared by modified mechanical alloying technique
  365. Use of waste gypsum to replace natural gypsum as set retarders in portland cement
  367. The effect of polymeric template density and solid loading on the properties of ceramic foam
  368. Understanding Organizational Learning via Knowledge Management in Government-Link Companies in Malaysia
  369. The production of nickel–alumina composite coating via electroplating
  370. 3.5 GHz rectangular dielectric resonator antenna
  371. Small and compact rectangular dielectric resonator antenna for WLAN applications
  372. The role of tin oxide addition on the properties of microwave treated CaCu3Ti4O12
  373. Preparation and characterization of ceramic foam produced via polymeric foam replication method
  374. A KM approach to competitive positioning
  375. Alumina–mild steel friction welded at lower rotational speed
  376. Microwave assisted sintering of CaCu3Ti4O12
  377. Wideband dielectric resonator antenna for C-Band application
  378. Structural and electrical characteristic of crystalline barium titanate synthesized by low temperature aqueous method
  379. The Synthesis and Characterization of Titania Nanotubes Formed at Various Anodisation Time
  380. Effect of sintering temperature on the properties of modified mechanical alloyed CaCu/sub 3/Ti/sub 4/O/sub 12/
  381. Effects of Cu and Ti excess on the dielectric properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 prepared using a wet chemical method
  382. The effect of crosshead speed on the joint strength between Sn-Zn-Bi lead-free solders and Cu substrate
  383. Effect of Microwave Treatment on the Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of SnO<inf>2</inf>-doped CaCu<inf>3</inf> Ti<inf>4</inf>O<inf>12</inf>
  384. Processing Condition Effects on the Properties of CaCu<inf>3</inf>Ti<inf>4</inf>O<inf>12</inf> Prepared by Modified Mechanical Alloying Technique
  385. Characterization of Ba0.9Sr0.1TiO3 prepared by low temperature chloride aqueous synthesis
  386. Microstructure and dielectric properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramic
  388. Effect of sample perimeter and temperature on Sn–Zn based lead-free solders
  389. Effect of Various Coupling Agents on Properties of Alumina-filled PP Composites
  390. Preparation and evaluation of Al2O3 plastic forming feedstock with partially water soluble polymer as a binder