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  1. Effect of temperature on flexible printed circuit board layout during reflow soldering process
  2. Design Optimization of Solid Rocket Propulsion: A Survey of Recent Advancements
  3. Enhancement of nanofluid heat transfer in a mini-tube using SiO2 nanoparticles
  4. Numerical study on the influence of nozzle spray shape on spray characteristics using diesel and biofuel blends
  5. An Analytical Convergence Study of the Forced Air Cooling in Electronic Packaging
  6. Improvement of Porous Porcelain through Glaze Coating
  7. Oxygen Uptake by Biological Processes inside Oxidation Ditch
  8. Numerical Study of Mold Filling during Encapsulation Process
  9. FSI Analysis of the Effect of Aspect Ratio of Stacked Chip in Encapsulation Process of Moulded Underfill Packaging
  10. Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Injection Pressure on Melt Front Pressure and Velocity Drop