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  1. Understanding counterfactuals in transparent and nontransparent context: An event-related potential investigation.
  2. A test of competing theoretical models of meaningful work as a moderator in the curvilinear relationship between job insecurity and employee voice.
  3. Help or hindrance? A daily diary study on the workaholism–performance relation.
  4. How do employees appraise challenge and hindrance stressors? Uncovering the double-edged effect of conscientiousness.
  5. A resources–demands approach to sources of job insecurity: A multilevel meta-analytic investigation.
  6. Will mindful employees benefit from positive work reflection triggered by transformational leadership? A two-study examination.
  7. One size fits all? Contextualizing family-supportive supervision to help employees with eldercare responsibilities.
  8. Literature reading modulates pronoun resolution in counterfactual world: Evidence from event-related potentials.
  9. How referential uncertainty is modulated by conjunctions: ERP evidence from advanced Chinese–English L2 learners and English L1 speakers
  10. “Who” should be focused? The influence of focus status on pronoun resolution
  11. Topic shift impairs pronoun resolution during sentence comprehension: Evidence from event-related potentials