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  1. Hotel leaders' benevolent leadership, career management and employees' work engagement during COVID-19: a conservation of resources perspective
  2. Authoritarian leadership and firm-level voluntary turnover among SMEs in Thailand: Does benevolent leadership matter?
  3. Supervisor Incivility and Workplace Status
  4. Public service motivation and customer service behaviour: testing the mediating role of emotional labour and the moderating role of gender
  5. Linking Public Service Motivation, Emotional Labor and Customer Service Behavior in Two Sectors
  6. Does Public Service Motivation Always Lead to Organizational Commitment? Examining the Moderating Roles of Intrinsic Motivation and Ethical Leadership
  7. Who is most influenced by justice perceptions
  8. What Difference Do Ethical Leaders Make? Exploring the Mediating Role of Interpersonal Justice and the Moderating Role of Public Service Motivation
  9. "The Higher One Is, the Harder One Falls: The Role of Occupational Status in Organizational Justice"
  10. When Does Public Service Motivation Relate to Organizational Commitment? A Three-Way Interaction
  11. When Happiness at Work Matters and When It Doesn’t:The Importance of Interpersonal Justice Climate