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  1. Isolation, Chemical Profile and Antimalarial Activities of Bioactive Compounds from Rauvolfia caffra Sond
  2. Computational Studies of Substituted Phenylboronic Acids in Common Electrolyte Solvents
  3. Fe3O4/SnO2/rGO ternary composite as a high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
  4. Bioactive compounds from the endophytic fungusFusarium proliferatum
  5. Conformational Preferences and Electrochemical Performance of Ethyleneoxy Phenylboronate Electrolyte Additives
  6. Spinel LiMn2O4-Based Positive Electrode Materials
  7. Gelled Polymer Electrolytes
  8. LiFePO4-Based Positive Electrode Materials
  9. Separators
  10. LiCoO2-Based Positive Electrode Material
  11. Other Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  12. LiNiO2-Based Positive Electrode Materials
  13. Assembly Processes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  14. Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  15. Introduction
  16. Applications of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  17. Noncarbon Negative Electrode Materials
  18. Liquid Electrolytes
  19. Other Positive Electrode Materials
  20. Solid Electrolytes
  21. Negative Electrode Materials Based on Carbon
  22. Nano Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  23. Determination and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in rivers, surface runoff, and sediments in and around Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, South Africa
  24. Synthesis and Antimalarial Activities of Some Novel 2-Pyridones
  25. 6,7-Dimethoxycoumarin, the active substance of the parsley tree, Heteromorpha arborescens
  26. Phytochemistry and biological activity of plants of the genus Pluchea
  27. Isolation and relative stereochemistry of lippialactone, a new antimalarial compound from Lippia javanica
  28. Chemistry and biology of genusVismia
  29. ChemInform Abstract: Nonanolides of Natural Origin: Structure, Synthesis, and Biological Activity
  30. Nonanolides of Natural Origin: Structure, Synthesis, and Biological Activity
  31. Nano LiMn2O4 as cathode material of high rate capability for lithium ion batteries
  32. ChemInform Abstract: Platensimycin and Its Relatives: A Recent Story in the Struggle to Develop New Naturally Derived Antibiotics
  33. Methyl phenyl bis-methoxydiethoxysilane as bi-functional additive to propylene carbonate-based electrolyte for lithium ion batteries
  34. Three New Antimicrobial Metabolites from the Endophytic Fungus Phomopsis sp.
  35. Platensimycin and its relatives
  36. ChemInform Abstract: A Novel Alkaloid from Fluggea virosa: 14,15-Epoxynorsecurinine.
  37. ChemInform Abstract: Strategies for the Synthesis of Ellagitannins
  38. ChemInform Abstract: Tannins: Classification and Definition
  39. Materials for lithium-ion batteries by mechanochemical methods
  40. Composite polymer electrolytes prepared byin situcopolymerization of poly(methyl methacrylate-acrylonitrile) on the surface of poly(methyl methacrylate)-coated nano-TiO2
  41. 2-Phenylimidazole as an additive to prevent the co-intercalation of propylene carbonate in organic electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries
  42. ChemInform Abstract: Biologically Active Secondary Metabolites from Fungi. Part 39. Dinemasones A (I), B (II) and C (III) - New Bioactive Metabolites from the Endophytic Fungus Dinemasporium strigosum.
  43. Vinyl-Tris-(methoxydiethoxy)silane as an effective and ecofriendly flame retardant for electrolytes in lithium ion batteries
  44. Effects of 3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzeneboronic acid as an additive on electrochemical performance of propylene carbonate-based electrolytes for lithium ion batteries
  45. Dinemasones A, B and C - New Bioactive Metabolites from the Endophytic FungusDinemasporium strigosum
  47. N-Phenylmaleimide as a new polymerizable additive for overcharge protection of lithium-ion batteries
  48. Phenyl tris-2-methoxydiethoxy silane as an additive to PC-based electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries
  49. ChemInform Abstract: Prenylated Anthraquinones and Other Constituents from the Seeds of Vismia laurentii
  50. Nanostructured anode materials for Li-ion batteries
  51. Prenylated Anthraquinones and Other Constituents from the Seeds of Vismia laurentii
  52. Die verbindings en biologiese aktiwiteit van Thamnosma africana
  53. Metabolites from the Endophytic FungusNodulisporium sp. fromJuniperus cedre
  54. Composition and antimicrobial activities of volatile components of Lippia javanica
  55. Highly Deoxygenated Sugars. Part 2. Synthesis of Chiral Cyclopentenes via Novel Carbocyclization of C-4 Branched Deoxysugars.
  56. Highly Deoxygenated Sugars. II. Synthesis of Chiral Cyclopentenes via Novel Carbocyclization of C‐4 Branched Deoxysugars
  57. Strategies for the Synthesis of Ellagitannins
  58. Uber die Isolierung von Sitosterin-(6'-O-acyl)-β-D-glucopyranosiden aus Flacourtia indica und über unerwartete Gelbildungen durch das Triacetat / On the Isolation of Sitosterin-(6'-O-acyl)-β-D-glucopyranosides from Flacourtia indica and on Unexpected F...
  59. A novel alkaloid from Fluggea virosa: 14,15-epoxynorsecurinine
  60. A chemical profile of the Mutshindudi River in the Limpopo Province of South Africa
  61. 2,4-trans-,7 4′-dihydroxy-4-methoxyflavan from Cassia abbreviata
  62. Notes on Activity Tests and Constituents of two Supposed Medicinal Plants from South Africa, Englerophytum magalismontanum and Diospyros lycioides desf. subsp. sericea†
  63. The computer as an aid in the teaching of stereochemistry
  64. Two Novel Syntheses of Substituted 1,2,4-Oxadiazoles from Amidoximes
  65. Programmed-temperature gas chromatography on mixed phases separation of steroid derivatives on binary mixtures
  66. A Personal Reference Retrieval System
  67. The total syntheses of -sceletium alkaloid A4 and its 3′-demethoxy analogue