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  1. Synthetic Studies towards Fungal glycosides: An Overview
  2. New derivatives of 11-keto-β-boswellic acid (KBA) induce apoptosis in breast and prostate cancers cells
  3. Seimisochromenes A and B: two new dihydroisochromenes from the endophytic fungus, Seimatosporium sp.
  4. Coniothyren: a new phenoxyphenyl ether from the endophytic fungus,Coniothyriumsp.
  5. ChemInform Abstract: The Genus Pluchea: Phytochemistry, Traditional Uses, and Biological Activities
  6. meta-Chloroperbenzoic acid (mCPBA): a versatile reagent in organic synthesis
  7. Redox behavior of juglone in buffered aq.: Ethanol media
  8. Nine triterpenes from Boswellia sacra Flückiger and their chemotaxonomic importance
  9. Phytochemistry and biological activity of plants of the genus Pluchea
  10. Cryptosporioptide: A bioactive polyketide produced by an endophytic fungus Cryptosporiopsis sp.
  11. 11α‐Ethoxy‐β‐boswellic Acid and Nizwanone, a New Boswellic Acid Derivative and a New Triterpene, Respectively, from Boswellia sacra
  12. Melicilamide A: a new ceramide fromMelicia excelsa
  13. ChemInform Abstract: Journey Describing Applications of Oxone in Synthetic Chemistry
  14. Journey Describing Applications of Oxone in Synthetic Chemistry
  15. Characterization and DNA binding studies of unexplored imidazolidines by electronic absorption spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry
  16. Chemistry and Biology of Essential Oils of GenusBoswellia
  17. Redox behavior of a novel menadiol derivative at glassy carbon electrode
  18. Advances in the total synthesis of biologically important callipeltosides: a review
  19. Structural and Stereochemical Studies of Hydroxyanthraquinone Derivatives from the Endophytic Fungus Coniothyrium sp
  20. Electrochemical oxidation of hydantoins at glassy carbon electrode
  21. Chemistry and biology of genusVismia
  22. New quinoline-5,8-dione and hydroxynaphthoquinone derivatives inhibit a chloroquine resistant Plasmodium falciparum strain
  23. Chemistry and biology of the genusVoacanga
  24. ChemInform Abstract: The Chemistry and Biology of Bicoumarins
  25. Antituberculosis and cytotoxic activities of triorganotin(IV) complexes
  26. Antiplasmodial activity of compounds from Drypetes gerrardii
  27. Eucleanal A and B: Two new napthalene derivatives from Euclea divinorum
  28. Cichorins B and C: two new benzo-isochromenes fromCichorium intybus
  29. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and CNS depressant activities of new constituents of Nepeta clarkei
  30. Pyrenocines J–M: Four new pyrenocines from the endophytic fungus, Phomopsis sp.
  31. The chemistry and biology of bicoumarins
  32. Phomopsinones A–D: Four New Pyrenocines from Endophytic Fungus Phomopsis sp.
  33. GC-MS Analysis and Antifungal Activity of Essential oils ofAngelica glauca, Plectranthus rugosus, and Valeriana wallichii
  34. Nepethalates A and B: Two New Phthalate Derivatives from Nepeta clarkei
  35. Depsitinuside: a new depside galactoside from an endophytic fungus isolated fromViburnum tinus
  36. Pestalotheols E–H: Antimicrobial Metabolites from an Endophytic Fungus Isolated from the Tree Arbutus unedo
  37. Solid‐state circular dichroism and hydrogen bonding: Absolute configuration of massarigenin A from Microsphaeropsis sp
  38. A New Class of Phenazines with Activity against a Chloroquine Resistant Plasmodium falciparum Strain and Antimicrobial Activity
  39. Two new antioxidant bergenin derivatives from the stem of Rivea hypocrateriformis
  40. Citropremide and Citropridone: A New Ceramide and a New Acridone Alkaloid from the Stem Bark of Citropsis gabunensis
  41. Dorstenpictanone: a new bicyclic polyprenylated compound from Dorstenia picta
  42. Cichorin A: a new benzo-isochromene fromCichorium intybus
  43. Three New Antimicrobial Metabolites from the Endophytic Fungus Phomopsis sp.
  44. Endophytic fungus Penicillium chrysogenum, a new source of hypocrellins
  45. Diversonol and Blennolide Derivatives from the Endophytic Fungus Microdiplodia sp.: Absolute Configuration of Diversonol
  46. Ozocardic A: a new alkylanacardic acid fromOzoroa pulcherrima
  47. Platensimycin and its relatives
  48. Viburspiran, an Antifungal Member of the Octadride Class of Maleic Anhydride Natural Products
  49. Psorantin, a unique methylene linked dimer of vismin and kenganthranol E, two anthranoid derivatives from the fruits of Psorospermum aurantiacum (Hypericaceae)
  50. ChemInform Abstract: Phlomisamide and Phlomisteroid: A New Ceramide and a New Stigmasterol Derivative from Phlomis cashmeriana.
  51. Chemical constituents from Nepeta clarkei
  52. Benzoylated derivatives from Uvaria rufa
  53. Phlomisamide and Phlomisteriod: A New Ceramide and a New Stigmasterol Derivative from Phlomis cashmeriana
  54. Cameroonemide A: a new ceramide from Helichrysum cameroonense
  55. Antimicrobial natural products: an update on future antibioticdrug candidates
  56. Two New Metabolites, Epoxydine A and B, from Phoma sp.
  57. Phytotoxic and Antifungal Activities of Essential Oils ofThymus serpyllumGrown in the State of Jammu and Kashmir
  58. Xanthones and Oxepino[2, 3‐b]chromones from Three Endophytic Fungi
  59. Antibacterial activity of the chemical constituents from Ranunculus laetus
  60. Hetero-Diels−Alder Reactions of Cyclic Ketone Derived Enamide. A New and Efficient Concept for the Asymmetric Robinson Annulation
  61. Antiplasmodial activities of furoquinoline alkaloids from Teclea afzelii
  62. Chemical constituents from the root bark of Ozoroa insignis
  63. Minor chemical constituents of Verbascum thapsus
  64. New Bioactive 2,3‐Epoxycyclohexenes and Isocoumarins from the Endophytic Fungus Phomopsis sp. from Laurus Azorica
  65. Chemical constituents of Dorstenia picta and Newbouldia laevis
  66. ChemInform Abstract: Nepetolide (I): A New Diterpene from Nepeta suavis.
  67. Clerosterols from Clerodendrum quadriloculare
  68. Dinklagenonoate: A new isobauerane-type triterpenoid and other minor constituents from the twigs of Dorstenia dinklagei
  69. Antimalarial Compounds from the Root Bark of Garcinia polyantha Olv.
  70. Screening strategies for obtaining novel, biologically active, fungal secondary metabolites from marine habitats
  71. Chemical constituents of Scutellaria linearis
  72. Chemical constituents from the leaves of Drypetes gerrardii
  73. Antimicrobial Prenylated Dihydrochalcones from Eriosema glomerata
  74. Bioactive chemical constituents of two endophytic fungi
  75. Absolute configuration of 1β,10β-epoxydesacetoxymatricarin isolated from Carthamus oxycantha by means of TDDFT CD calculations
  76. Laportoside A and Laportomide A: A New Cerebroside and a New Ceramide from Leaves of Laportea ovalifolia.
  77. Antibacterial organotin(IV) compounds, their synthesis and spectral characterization
  78. Lapachol: An overview
  79. Tyrosinase inhibitory pentacyclic triterpenes and analgesic and spasmolytic activities of methanol extracts of Rhododendron collettianum
  80. Laurentixanthone C: A New Antifungal and Algicidal Xanthone from Stem Bark of Vismia laurentii.
  81. Absolute configuration of hypothemycin and 5′-O-methylhypothemycin from Phoma sp.—a test case for solid state CD/TDDFT approach
  82. Paullinoside A and Paullinomide A: A New Cerebroside and a New Ceramide from Leaves of Paullinia pinnata.
  83. Exochromone: Structurally Unique Chromone Dimer with Antifungal and Algicidal Activity from Exophiala Sp.
  84. Highly oxygenated cyclohexene metabolites from Uvaria rufa
  85. Prenylated Anthraquinones and Other Constituents from the Seeds of Vismia laurentii
  86. Absolute Configurations of Globosuxanthone A and Secondary Metabolites from Microdiplodia sp. – A Novel Solid‐State CD/TDDFT Approach
  87. Tithoniamarin and tithoniamide: a structurally unique isocoumarin dimer and a new ceramide fromTithonia diversifolia
  88. Preparation and evaluation of Vero-cell infectious bursal disease vaccine in Pakistan
  89. Newbouldiaquinone A: A naphthoquinone–anthraquinone ether coupled pigment, as a potential antimicrobial and antimalarial agent from Newbouldia laevis
  90. Cesium Fluoride—Celite: A Solid Base for Efficient Syntheses of Aromatic Esters and Ethers.
  91. 2′-Hydroxy-4,4′,5′,6′-tetramethoxychalcone
  92. CsF-Celite, an Efficient Solid State Reagent for the Syntheses of Thioesters and Thioethers
  93. Cesium fluoride-Celite: a solid base for efficient syntheses of aromatic esters and ethers
  94. Two new diterpene polyesters fromEuphorbia decipiens
  95. Antinociceptive diterpene from Euphorbia decipiens
  96. Newbouldiaquinone and Newbouldiamide: A New Naphthoquinone–Anthraquinone Coupled Pigment and a New Ceramide from Newbouldia laevis
  97. 3,7,17-Tri-O-acetyl-5-O-butanoyl-13,15-dihydroxymyrisinol
  98. First Natural Urease Inhibitor from Euphorbia decipiens.
  99. New Bioactive Diterpene Polyesters from Euphorbia decipiens
  100. Phenolic glycosides from Symplocos racemosa: natural inhibitors of phosphodiesterase I
  101. First Natural Urease Inhibitor from Euphorbia decipiens
  102. Polymeric di-n-butyl(glutarato)tin(IV)
  103. Triethylammonium (3-carboxyacrylato)dichlorodimethyltin(IV)