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  1. Big data analytics capability in building supply chain resilience: the moderating effect of innovation-focused complementary assets
  2. How does globally responsible leadership promotes pro-environmental behavior through green management initiatives?
  3. Understanding consumers’ resistance to pay with cryptocurrency in the sharing economy: A hybrid SEM-fsQCA approach
  4. Shaping the Metaverse into Reality: A Holistic Multidisciplinary Understanding of Opportunities, Challenges, and Avenues for Future Investigation
  5. Can travel apps improve tourists’ intentions? Investigating the drivers of Chinese gen Y users’ experience
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency in Finance: Current Scenario and Future Direction
  7. Does Electronic Word-of-Mouth Still Contribute to Boosting Purchase Intention? Understanding the Role of Gender as a Moderator
  8. The Impact of Organ Donation Information Dissemination on Social Media Towards Registration of Organ Donors: A Moderating Role of Family Discussion
  9. The Influence of FinTech on Financial Sector and Economic Growth: An Analysis of Recent Literature
  10. Exploring the Technology Acceptance of Wearable Medical Devices Among the Younger Generation in Malaysia: The Role of Cognitive and Social Factors
  11. Research on Continued Intention to Adopt E-Learning in Beijing University During Covid-19 Epidemic in China
  12. Upskilling Educators for Pandemic Teaching: Using Video Technology in Higher Education
  13. What People Post During the Movement Control Order (MCO): A Content Analysis of Intagram’s Top Posts
  14. ZOOM-ing into a New Pedagogy: Permanent Adoption of Online Teaching and Learning in Private Higher Education Institution in Malaysia
  15. Adapt or die: a competitive digital supply chain quality management strategy
  16. Determinants of the Sustainability of Tech Startup: Comparison Between Malaysia and China
  17. Examining Intentions to Use Mobile Check-In for Airlines Services: A View from East Malaysia Consumers
  18. Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic: A View of Undergraduate Student Perspective in Malaysia
  19. Say Aye to AI: Customer Acceptance and Intention to Use Service Robots in the Hospitality Industry
  20. Social Media Co-creation Activities Among Elderly Consumers: An Innovation Resistance Perspective
  21. Spreading Faster Than the Virus: Social Media in Spreading Panic Among Young Adults in Malaysia
  22. The Eureka moment in understanding luxury brand purchases! A non-linear fsQCA-ANN approach
  23. Understanding Valences in Mobile Grocery Shopping: Do Consumers’ Characteristics Matter?
  24. Dataset of vaccination and confidence in the Malaysian government during Covid-19 pandemic
  25. Go digital: can the money-gift function promote the use of e-wallet apps?
  26. The role of perceived employability in the relationship between protean career attitude and career success
  27. I Am too old for this! Barriers contributing to the non-adoption of mobile payment
  28. The Soft Side of Technology Adoption: A Study of Customer Experience on Mobile Phone Usage
  29. Will destination image drive the intention to revisit and recommend? Empirical evidence from golf tourism
  31. Marketing and social influences, hospital branding, and medical tourists' behavioural intention: Before‐ and after‐service consumption perspective
  32. The Role of Cultural Differences in Customer Retention: Evidence from the High-Contact Service Industry
  33. Advancing on weighted PLS-SEM in examining the trust-based recommendation system in pioneering product promotion effectiveness
  34. Cruising down millennials’ fashion runway: a cross-functional study beyond Pacific borders
  35. CB-SEM Latent Interaction: Unconstrained and Orthogonalized Approaches
  36. Demystifying the role of causal-predictive modeling using partial least squares structural equation modeling in information systems research
  37. Sample Size for Survey Research: Review and Recommendations
  38. Brand image as the competitive edge for hospitals in medical tourism
  39. Social Media Effectiveness Indicators of Microenterprise Strategic Planning
  40. Medical Tourism Destination Image and its Relationship with the Intention to Revisit: A Study of Chinese Medical Tourists in Malaysia
  41. Compulsive buying of branded apparel, its antecedents, and the mediating role of brand attachment
  42. Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the Mediating Effect of Organization Commitment in the Hotel Industry
  43. When in Rome, do as the Romans do
  44. I see, and I hunt
  45. The effect of selfie promotion and celebrity endorsed advertisement on decision-making processes
  46. Service innovation: building a sustainable competitive advantage in higher education
  47. Future Technical Professionals Interrelationship on Personality, Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurial Intention
  48. A comparison of five reflective–formative estimation approaches: reconsideration and recommendations for tourism research
  49. Preliminary Study on Consumer Attitude towards FinTech Products and Services in Malaysia
  50. The Role of Destination Image in Malaysia’s Medical Tourism Industry
  51. The interrelationship personality, self-efficacy and entrepreneurial intention among future technical professionals
  52. Factors influencing clothing interest and purchase intention: a study of Generation Y consumers in Malaysia
  53. Antecedents of hospital brand image and the relationships with medical tourists’ behavioral intention
  54. Determinants of knowledge management systems success in the banking industry
  55. A profile of the Internet shoppers: Evidence from nine countries
  56. The Associations Between Service Quality, Corporate Image, Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty: Evidence From the Malaysian Hotel Industry
  57. Service quality, image and loyalty towards Malaysian hotels