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  1. Children’s Understanding of Basic and Difficult Sentences and Their Reading Comprehension
  2. Home language environment and children's second language acquisition: the special status of input from older siblings
  3. How does maternal education influence the linguistic environment supporting bilingual language development in child second language learners of English?
  4. Children's Second Language Acquisition of English Complex Syntax: The Role of Age, Input, and Cognitive Factors
  5. English Language Learners' Nonword Repetition Performance: The Influence of Age, L2 Vocabulary Size, Length of L2 Exposure, and L1 Phonology
  6. Discriminating Children With Language Impairment Among English-Language Learners From Diverse First-Language Backgrounds
  7. Developmental trends and L1 effects in early L2 learners’ onset cluster production
  8. Effects of Input Properties, Vocabulary Size, and L1 on the Development of Third Person Singular -sin Child L2 English
  9. Assessment of English language learners: Using parent report on first language development