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  1. Well-being in post-primary schools in Ireland: the assessment and contribution of character strengths
  2. ‘Our Lives’ and ‘Life Happens’, from stigma to empathy in young people’s depictions of sexual health and relationships
  3. Peer abuse and its contexts in industrial schools in Ireland
  4. Homophobic bullying: evidence-based suggestions for intervention programmes
  5. From Theory to Practice: Two Ecosystemic Approaches and Their Applications to Understanding School Bullying
  6. A ‘whole-school/community development’ approach to preventing and countering bullying: the Erris Anti-Bullying Initiative (2009–2011)
  7. Alterophobic bullying and pro‐conformist aggression in a survey of upper secondary school students in Ireland
  8. Students' experiences of aggressive behaviour and bully/victim problems in Irish schools
  9. An exploratory survey of the experiences of homophobic bullying among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered young people in Ireland
  10. Evaluation of the effectiveness of an anti‐bullying programme in primary schools
  11. An evaluation of a whole school approach to prevention and intervention of bullying in schools in Ireland
  12. Ireland: the Donegal Primary Schools' anti-bullying project