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  1. Acceptance of wearable fitness devices in developing countries: exploring the country and gender-specific differences
  2. Food delivery apps (FDAs) in Asia: an exploratory study across India and the Philippines
  3. An Experimental Approach to Examine the Antecedents of Attitude, Intention, and Loyalty Towards Cause-related Marketing: The Case of India and the Philippines
  4. Family presence, family firm reputation and perceived financial performance
  5. Exploring m-commerce adoption across four categories in India
  6. Driving Green Marketing in a Developing Country
  7. Segmentation of repeat online clothing shoppers
  8. Exploring Factors That Drive Adoption of Various Categories of M-commerce: An Emerging Market Study
  9. OCE dimensions in clothing e-retail
  10. Loyal and disloyal customers of online clothing retail
  11. Using qualitative research for establishing content validity of e-lifestyle and website quality constructs
  12. Impact of changing consumer lifestyles and website quality on online satisfaction and loyalty - an emerging market framework
  13. Online Shopper Segmentation Based on Lifestyles: An Exploratory Study in India
  14. E-lifestyles of Indian online shoppers: A scale validation