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  1. Compassion Protects Mental Health and Social Safeness During the COVID-19 Pandemic Across 21 Countries
  2. The role of social connection on the experience of COVID-19 related post-traumatic growth and stress
  3. Foresee the glory and train better: Narcissism, goal-setting, and athlete training.
  4. Fears of compassion magnify the harmful effects of threat of COVID‐19 on mental health and social safeness across 21 countries
  5. Task-efficacy predicts perceived enjoyment and subsequently barrier-efficacy: investigating a psychological process underpinning schoolchildren’s physical activity
  6. I Am Great, but Only When I Also Want to Dominate: Maladaptive Narcissism Moderates the Relationship Between Adaptive Narcissism and Performance Under Pressure
  7. Lead Me to Train Better: Transformational Leadership Moderates the Negative Relationship Between Athlete Personality and Training Behaviours
  8. Anxiety and Fear in Sport and Performance
  9. Psychological Correlates of Self-Reported and Objectively Measured Physical Activity among Chinese Children—Psychological Correlates of PA