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  1. Improvements in Compassion and Fears of Compassion throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multinational Study
  2. Quality of life of cardiac patients with mental health conditions
  3. Compassion Protects Mental Health and Social Safeness During the COVID-19 Pandemic Across 21 Countries
  4. Lock-Down Effect on the Mental Health Status of Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic
  5. Fears of compassion magnify the harmful effects of threat of COVID‐19 on mental health and social safeness across 21 countries
  6. How Common are Mental Illnesses in Patients with Heart Diseases?
  7. The accuracy of the PHQ-9 in detecting depression in cancer patients who speak Arabic.
  8. Arabic intensive care delirium screening checklist's validity and reliability: A multicenter study
  9. Screening for cognitive impairment in Arabic-speaking Hajj pilgrims
  10. How common are mental conditions in Hajj pilgrims?
  11. How do hospital consultants rate their communication skills?
  12. Attitudes of cancer patients and their families toward cancer diagnosis in a Middle Eastern Society
  13. Woodhouse-Sakati Syndrome With Psychosis and Basal Ganglia Calcification: A Case Report
  14. Time to Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service Referral as a Predictor of Length of Stay