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  1. Statistical Information Affects Spoken Word Recognition of Tone Languages in Stutterers: Evidence From an Auditory-Perceptual Gating Study
  2. Tone Deafness in Music Does Not Preclude Distributional Learning of Nonnative Tonal Languages in Individuals With Congenital Amusia
  3. Acquisition of non-sibilant anterior English fricatives by adult second language learners
  4. Effects of phonological and talker familiarity on second language lexical development
  5. Individuals With Congenital Amusia Show Degraded Speech Perception but Preserved Statistical Learning for Tone Languages
  6. CFL learners’ Mandarin syllable-tone word production: effects of task and prior phonological and lexical learning
  7. Language proficiency is only part of the story: Lexical access in heritage and non-heritage bilinguals
  8. Early L2 Spoken Word Recognition Combines Input-Based and Knowledge-Based Processing
  9. Role of tone, vowels and consonants in Mandarin